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12, 56.5176, 47.0551
«Kirjkburg am Abdan»
Kirchenburg Royal Palace
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
 • ProvinceWelstand
DemonymKirchener or Abdaner
 • MayorAlbert Rehier

Kirchenburg (Kirjkburg am Abdan) is a city placed in Northwest Uletha, capital of Welstand-Westrijk state, Kirchen-Hetzen Kanton and Welstand Province. It has access to Lake Hetzer and it conforms an international metropolitan area conglomeration with Shilesia's capital Ligota. Is the biggest city in Welstand-Westrijk, cultural and political center.


Kirchenburg's symbols are the flag and the coat of arms. Both are directly influenced by the Blanasnik family. The color of the flag represents Abdan river (Blue) and the Blanasnik's family colors (Black and white). The otter represented in the coat of arms is the most loved symbol by its inhabitants. The Kircheners or Abdaners are commonly known as otters. The city motto is related to it "Fisht et jogt", (Fish and play) and represents the citizens as workers who know how to appreciate free time and how important is the resting.

Kirchenburg city branding


The etymology of the city's name is still subject to scholarly dispute. Even if Kirchenburg means "City of churches" some claim that the name is not the original one from the nowadays known as Alstad. When the Blanasnik familiy arrived at the city, they started to transform its urbanism, in the style of Ulethan big capitals with parks, theatres and churches. The number of churches was extremely high and the city changed its name. Other claim that the original name is Kirjkburg am Abdan, "City of the church in the Abdan" with more supporters, that defend the idea of the Alstad as the original city, placed near the Abdan river. Sainkt Michel Cathedral could be the highest church in that times, getting an special mention on the city's name.



Tourist attractions

Museums of Welstand-Westrijk

Museum Adress Map Link
National Archeological Museum Gosslijkkai, Kirchenburg
National Natural History Museum Botanikkai, Kirchenburg
War Museum Kaserneringkai, Kirchenburg
Welsrijker National Gallery Kaserneringkai, Kirchenburg
Portrait Gallery Kaserneringkai, Kirchenburg
Duke's Guard Museum Kaserneringkai, Kirchenburg
Alkuns Museum St.Georgplaz, Kirchenburg
Noikuns Museum St.Georgplaz, Kirchenburg
Ärheim Museum of Modern Art (AMMA) Kirchenkai
Military Museum Nikolaikai, Kirchenburg
Sainkt Nikolas Fortress Museum Festungkai, Kirchenburg
Grauberg F.C. Museum Gëlteentor, Kirchenburg
Hans Söngeet Art Foundation Östtorkai, Kirchenburg
Arsenal Museum Arsenalkai, Kirchenburg



City Events

Kirchenburg events
Name Place Date
Art Kanal IFAK February
Night of Theaters Kirchenburg's theaters