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Kirk Myrcia (Ingerish: Church of Myrcia) is the state religion of the nation of Myrcia.



A Mæiday procession makes its way through the streets of St Alfæd

Mæiday (1 May) is an ancient Myrcian festival which celebrates the beginning of the warmer summer season on the island. Its roots can be traced back as far as some of the earliest settlers on the island in the 10th century. Mæiday is one of the most important days of the year and often a week off work is given either side of the 1 May. On the evening before (Mæiéven) a straight tree such as a birch is cut down in woodland and bought back to common land where it is erected in the ground. On the morning of Mæiday children decorate this Mæipól with wild flowers, tree branches, ribbons and handkerchiefs. Later folk dancing takes place around the Mæipól and a general celebration is held to welcome in the Myrcian summer months.


A Dréamhealdende tree in Brannoc Parc, St Brannoc

Dréamhealdende (21 December) is the Myrcian festival celebrating the end of the Christic year and the bringing of light into darkness at the winter solstice. In advance of Dréamhealdende Myrcians decorate an evergreen tree in their front garden or on common land with strings of lights. On the night of Dréamhealdende, after sunset, they gather together to sing folk songs and hymns around the tree and to light a bonfire. The day after is known as Dréaréstdá and this is when families and friends exchange gifts and eat a traditional Myrcian meal of roasted fish, potatoes and dill sauce. In the afternoon it is traditional to walk to the sea and offer a sprig of Dréamhealdende tree to the ocean in return for protection from floods in the coming months.