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14, 41.3635, 113.4259
 • LandOberlant
 • RegionNortostoberlant
 • DistrictBerklöfrupkris
Nationalities88% Ree

11% Lyriqian

1% others
 • MayorTBA
 • Urban106.71 km2
 • MetroTBA km2
 • City limits666.81 km2
ElevationTBA m
 • Estimate120 000
 • CensusTBA
 • DensityTBA/km2
Postal CodeTBA
Telephone CodeTBA
Tramx lines

Clausburgh or Klaůsburg (/ˈklau̯sbʉrɡ/) is a city in Reeland, located near Vumrupstat, the administrative capital of Oberlant. It was named after Klaůs Johansen, the founder of the city. It is situated on the river Berklöfrup.

The word "Klausburg" means Klaůs' castle or Castle of Klaůs. Its oldest part is surrounded by a square-shaped canal, with a central square, called Klaůsplatz, the square named after Johansen -- one of the most important points of interest in the city. Eight radial streets meet at that point. One of them is part of the old main road from Vumrupstat to the, now divided into 3 streets. Notably, one of the city's most important boulevards, Bernts Straat, begins at Klaůsplatz.

The city was formerly fortified. The former fortress surrounds the old part of the city with a radius of about 1 km, ending at the river. That space is now used mostly for railways. Its shape is still visible, as it's partly surrounded by the inner (Innburgring), and outer (Ausburgring) fortress ring roads. The area formerly surrounded by the fortress is now known as Altstat (Old City).

As the city developed after the fortress was demolished, new settlements emerged, notably: Antre, Eriksplatz, Stweengen, Nortstat, Sutstat, Marksberg.

The city is now divided into 13? municipalities, 7 of which are urban: Altstat, Antre, Nortstat, Stweengen, Marksberg, Sutstat, and Neustat.

Klaůsburg is today considered one of the most important cities in the province of Oberlant, after its capital, Vumrupstat.


Klaůsburg has a bus and tram network. It is also an important place for railways in Oberlant. It is connected by a 4-track railroad to Vumrupstat, has two double-track railroads, one going to Lyriqia, another going to the far east of the region; as well as a single-track railroad to the town of Jensens.