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6, -53.527, 70.576
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
"Justice from east to west and north to south"
Pangur Bán
Official languagesIngerish and Darrsian
GovernmentFederal Athenian Democracy
 • Totalwait for future data km2
wait for future data sq mi
 • Estimate11023540
GDP (PPP)2019
 • Totalwait for future data
GDP (nominal)
 • Per capitawait for future data
HDI (2020)Increase 0.913
very high
TimezoneWUT + 4 h
CurrencyAntari (₳ or ANT)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.ku

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Kofuku Great Flag.png
Officialy Kofuku Republic or Kofuku Raspublikk is a country in Antarephia, in the southeast. It borders four countries in land: Kalisaanyo, Lydia and AN150l, and near another 4 across several ocean straights. Bako-Huz is the capital and it is situated in the north of the country. In the county they speak Ingerish and Darrsian as official language.


The history of kofuku is divided into five principal eras.

Timeline of Kofuku

Antehom Era. 1000BC-1150AD

Classic Antehom Era 1000BC-340AD

Kofuku's first historical records, go back to year 2000BC, where hunting and harvesting tribes occupied the territory. We can think - though no evidence is laid- even much earlier.

In 2000BC, the largest tribes, like the Mai-Kurus, the Ashontes, or the Merinenses, were settled in fertile valleys and in the northern coasts..

Around 1000BC, a variant of the tribe Mai-Kuru, known as Mekunos, began to employ animals, and so substitute heavy human labour for beasts. The Mekunos, established the Kingdom of Greeko, with center in Amekumis ( later Anecumis) The Greeko People then influenced other tribes which also created new small kingdoms. Now covering almost all the territory of the actual Kofuku.

New Antehom Era. 340AD-1150AD

Medieval Era. 1150-1674

De Jure territories in Medieval Kofuku

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Colonial Era. 1674-1815

1745 Ingerish arrive

Kofuku Revolution 1814-1815

Mark Yado, Leader of the Kofuku Revolution (Photo 1850)

Gold Era. 1815-1960

Modern Era. 1961-actual


wait for future data

Legislative Goverment

Legislative Parties

Citizens' Assembly

Representative Parlament

Parlament Parties National Parties:

  Social Democratic Party: (Social Democratic)
  Liberal Kofuku: (Liberals)
  Green Party: (Ecology)
  Communist Party: (Communism)
  Regions Coaliation: (Independent regions)
  Sentralett Side: (Center)
  Old Times: (Economic slowdown)
  Strong Hand: (Far Right)
  Literal Narf: (Far Left)
  International Party: (Globalization)
  Anarchy Sons: (Anarchy)

Regional Parties:


Senate Parties

Ejecutive Goverment


Judicial Goverment

Upper Court

Kofuku National Upper Court in map

Fast Way Court

Kofuku National Upper Court in map

Treasury Court

Kofuku National Treasury Court in map

Constitution Court

Upper Council

Natural Geography

Regional Divisions


Richest provinces of Kofuku

According to GDP Per Capita:


KONAR (Kofuku National Railways)

Dumbo Star National Airlines