Kofuku Federal Agency for Space Services

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Kofuku Federal Agency for Space Services
Blue and official version of KFASS logo
IndustrySpace Agency
 Space Launch Center
 Cartographic Institute
FounderVictor Doriala Ivanovich
HeadquartersBako-Huz, & Desterria
Area Served World, Space Exploration Coordinating Agency
Key PeopleVladimir Nordoska, Director & SECA Representative
 Pedro d'Andost, Subdirector & SECA Organization Chair
Service(s)Global Satelite Maps
 Rocket Engineering
 Outer Earth Satelites
 Space Turisim (Dumbo Star Program)
 Space Stations Secondary Help Programs

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KFASS Kofuku Federal Agency for Space Services is a space agency founded in 1975 and member of the Space Exploration Coordinating Agency (SECA) since 2002

Zahino Astorska Space & Research Base

The onely KFASS rocket launching space base is located in the south of Desterria, in the frontier with Kalissanyo. It was founded at the same time of the KFASS agency.

It contains two launch pads, a Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and a services, control & science complex around the VAB. The space base is located in a military area of 1km (aprox) of security distance. The VAB haves two compartiments, and two outdoors rest area for rockets waiting to be launched. The complex around contains also a antenna park. The launch pads haves itself a fire fighters hub, four water reserve pools, three towers, the main launch tower, and a small heliport.

Others Small Space Locations

@@@@ Antenna Park in Monolitzh

@@@@ Antenna Park in Arplend

@@@@ Antenna Park in Drull Free State

Nemesis Military Base Science complex in Bako-Huz

Red version of the Agency logo, used in the first years of the Agency under the Red Star Goverment




Sejve A-2 Kofuken Satelite