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Map of Koropiko & Kōpere

The Koropiko is a large gulf of the southeast of Hesperic Ocean. It lies between Paxtar in the west and the East Coast of Guai It is usually considered separated from the Kōpere, the northern, lesser part of the gulf that washes the shores of Guai, Mamoria, Brulias and Paxtar.


The Koropiko (its name in Guaiian, Tenibri and Paxlinga) is sometimes called Coropic Bay in Ingerish. Its name in other languages is:

In Ingerish, Koropiko is pronounced /kɒɹ̠ ə'pi:kəʊ/ (cah-ro-PEE-co), and Kōpere, /'kəʊpeɹ̠ e/ ('CO-pay-ray).



The Koropiko is limited on its south by two imaginary lines: one running from Cape Gohto the western tip of Zān Island(both in Guai), and one running from the eastern tip of Zān Island to the cape south of Lāhŏyā, Paxtar. To its north, the gulf is separated from the Kōpere by a line drawn from the rocks east of Pran Island (in the Daks Islands, Guai), to Cape Milriūc, Paxtar.

The Koropiko is approximatively 236,700km2 wide (91,400 sq miles), while the Kōpere has a superficy of 14,500 km2 (5,600 sq miles).


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