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Krixan (spoken "Krishan") Haddadswin - born 1930 in Fluddl on the Jørpenilands - was an zylandian writer. 1962 he get the important Serna Prize for literature.

His family are fisherman. Early in his youth he goes with his father Uuwe and his uncles Hinnak and Willii on sea. In this times this was hard work without so many technical help as today. This milieu of fisherman he described 1951 with his first great novel "Heerinks" ("herrings") with enormous success in Zylanda. The latinian version "Arenque" of 1953 made him famous too in ths laguage-room. Now he has enought of money, to live as free writer in Elegantia in Zylanda.

Here he write some short novels over the to that time small, but intensive drug-szene in Elegantia like "Paledde" ("palette"), a well known pup in the old town of Elegantia and the played-out types there. Short before he self was hurl down, he went to Cordoba in Latina. From 1956 beginning he wrote not more in zyladian, but in latinian language. Always he write self the zylandian translation.

1957 ha had a new success with "Sur" ("south") - a road-movie-motive about three very lazy young man and her trip to the lazy Gran-Lusland and the alcohols, drugs and women there. And the police. For the film, produced 1959 from Cordofilm in theyr studios and at the original places in Gran-Luslanda, he wrote the script.

1959 again came a million-seller out from his feather, a book what become cult-status under younger people: "El Rey" ("the king") - again about drugs, but too about the new rock-n'-roll and with many prophetic ideas of the evolution of this kind of music and the question of commercialisation of art.

In summa Krixan Haddadswin get the Serna Price 1962 for his great influcence of younger people worldwide. This price to give to him was not without discussion and opposition. Many voices in the medias spoke of a destructive influence of his books for the youth.

After some small books with novels or poems then 1974 he puplished his opus magnum, the long novel "Sei" ("she") - now again in zylandian language. The story of a long relation of a young man with an three years older and married woman takes in this book the time of ten years and about 1476 pages. For that time the soul of the protagonists are too naked and therefore the book at same time was a skandal and a success.

Krixan Haddadswin died 1977 at an accident on motorway 7 near Gentofte, as he came back from Porto Colon and was so tired, that he sleep in at the steering of his car. Alcohol in his blood was 1.45 promille.

He was never married, but has a daughter Alma, 14 years old, as he died. She now lives from the copyright-fees of her father and had published 1991 posthum the unfinished novel "Flaks" ("flax"), playing in Zylanda around 1820. Alma Haddadswin has set at the end 3 different endings of the story as her own work, following the notices of her father.