Kuehong National Fair Trade Enterprise

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The Kuehong National Fair Trade Enterprise is a state-owned enterprise operating Kuehongese retail stores and other services in Kuehong and around the world.



Gas Stations

  • Kue Petrol (家石 Quê Thạch) – service subsidiary of Kuehong Petroleum


  • Fortune Market (赛福 Trại Phước) – National supermarket chain
  • Maker's (马克 Mã Khắc) – Smaller supermarket chain

Department stores

  • Pure Luck (浦乐 Phố Lạc) – Department store

Convenience stores/newsstands

  • Ke Family (克家)
  • Wenqiang Corner (文强 Văn Cường)
  • First Century (一代 Nhất Đời) – dollar store


  • Donghua Books (门杭书东华 Cửa hàng sách Đông Hoa)
  • Papers

Electronics stores

  • Power Play (拳力 Quyền lực)

Hardware stores

  • To-Do (素杜 Tố Đỗ)
  • Handy (便用 Tiện dụng)