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Republic of Kushya
Kuşiyə Cumhuriyəti
KushyaKushya Coat of Arms
FlagCoat of arms
""Allâh bəşkə iləhin yoxtur""
"There are no other gods than God"
"Bəriş Mərşi"
Peace March
Largest cityƏhmediye
Official languagesTurquese
Ethnic GroupsKusihyan (75%)
GovernmentPresidential Republic
 • PresidentMehmed Can
 • Vice PresidentƏtila Məlikşah Atila Malikshah
 • Speaker of ParliamentFatih Qonaq
 • Minister of Religious AffairsHərun Kurt Harun Kurt
 • General CommanderVəli Təvfiqoğlu Vali Tavfiqoglu
LegislatureKushyan National People's Assembly
 • Total17865.87 km2
 • Estimate (2019)3,219,311
 • Census (2016)3,012,432
GDP (PPP)2013
 • Total115 bi. USD
 • Per capita36850.1 USD
TimezoneWUT + 8
CurrencyKushya (KAS) KAS/USD Decrease7,024
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.hf

Kushya, also spelled Kushia or alternatively Kusiye([kuːʃjæ] - KOO-shya) (Turquese: Kușiyə [kuʃijɛ]) , officially the Republic of Kushya (Turquese: Kuşiyə Cumhuriyəti [kuʃijɛ dʒumhuːrijɛti] is a country located in East Uletha. Kushya is bordered by the Demirhan Empire. Ahmediye serves as the country's capital and is the largest city. Aproximately 75 to 85% of the Kusic citizens identify themselves as Kushyan or Turquese.

At various points in history, the land had been inhabited by Pearsians, TBD and other peoples. Pearsianization, though failed, started during the rise of TBD, until 981, when today's Kushya was conquered by Melik the Great. The Turquese Conquerors and nomads began inhabiting the land, effectively expelling pagan Pearsians living there. They promoted Iman, and with a swift aftermath, the country became Imani. A great event began in 1321, when Mehmed Gazi established the Bird State (Turquese: Kuş Devleti), hereof conquering many lands and territories. A noteful one was the battle of Ahmediye in 1488, when the near-finished TBD Kingdom was defeated by a large amount of Kushyan Soldiers. In 1621, a modernization attempt was created by Dâvud the Great. This was partially successful, but was complete in 1801 by Mehmed IV, with new laws and a centralization and industrial society.

In 1916, a coup'd'etat was made, and the Monarch was dethroned. This made Kushya join a great war in the TBD, effectively making the country into a rump state. Military officer Hamid Celal Pasha then executed the coup makers and declared himself President in 1928, effectively ending nearly 600 years of Kushyan Monarchy. He made secularization attempts, but it was abolished in 1951. In 1940, a brief period of a communist revolution happened in the country, making 2 years of communist history. The rebels were quickly supressed and standards were once again restored.

Today, Kushya is a member of AN and amongst other political unions. The current president is Mehmed Cân, member of the Kuhyan People's Movement Party (BMP Büyük Millî Partisi). It has erected measures of Iman, and suppressed Secularism, which it considers harmful for the nation.



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Kuşça Əli Milli Məclisi
Kusic Grand National Parliament
Parliament of Kusiye 2019.png
Party Voters in percent Mandates Description
   Büyük Millî Partisi (BMP, People's Movement Party) 43,5% 87 The People's movement party is a party with an Imanist, Conservative and Populist agenda. It's leader is Mehmed Cân, the current president of Kushya. It was founded as a union in 2008 between multiple conservative parties.
   Republican Party (CMP, Cumhur Partisi) 22,5% 45 This party is politically minimally unstable, with some wanting less secularization and some wanting total La'Icite. It is a social democratic, leftist political party, which is opposition to the current government of Muhammed Cân. There is no effective leader, but The former leader was Zilhiccə Qalın.
   Demoqrati Xəlq Partisi (DXP, Democratic People's Party) 12% 24 It is a republican-leaning party in the assembly. It has a socialist agenda, and is neutral in religious affairs. It is considered to be a modern, neutral party, which is not as traditional as the Republican Party. The Leader is Özdəmir Vaxdəddinoğlu
   Milliyətçi Partisi (MÇP, Nationalist People's Party) 11% 22 Is an Imanist Nationalist and Ultra-Conservative party. Hugely supports the current president. The leader is Məmləkət Çimen.
   Döqəl Parti (DP, Nature Party) 6% 12 The Party is the only green party and supports the Republican Party. It is a modernist, western party which advocates for more freedoms, and resolving enviromental issues, including more collaboration with the AN.
   "Qoca" Ənənəpərəst Partisi (QEP, "Old" Traditionalist Party) 3% 6 Currently the oldest party in parliament alongside the Republican Party, but has never had any chance of presidency. Traditionally not leaning either side of the spectrum and is called the most independent party in parliament. Is imanist and sometimes called "fascist". It is called the old traditionalist party because there is another newly proclaimed party with the same name wanting to come in the parliament. The leader is Şəyh Əli.
   Sosyalparti (SP, Socialist Party) 2% 4 Characterized by its strict secularism and socialism, the Socialist Party has been one of the most controversial in the history of Kusiye. In 2008, it was going to be banned, but it was repealed after a change of leadership and structure. Its leader is Uzəyr Məhdi

President of Kusiye

The President of Kusiye is the highest position in Kusiye. Since 2014, he has had both executive and lawgiving properties. Although heavily critisized, the Kusic General Council favors men as president instead of women. Before 2016, there was the second-highest Prime-Minister office, since then, it has been replaced by the Vice-President office following a referendum with a margin of 63% yes to 37% no.

Name Term Party Photo Events
Həmid Cəlal Paşa 1928-1940 Republican Cumhuriyətçi Party Ernst von Bergmann.jpg - Established the modern Republic
- Established secular law, beginning the Yenilimât Era
Məxmed Kəmal Alioğlu 1940-1948 Republican Cumhuriyətçi Party Ernesto Breda, fondatore dell'omonima società, sec. XX primo quarto - san dl SAN IMG-00002406.jpg - Allowed Imani influence on politics
- Deposed following a military coup
Fəysal Xalid Məhdiettin 1948-1950 Military Order Askər-i Âliyə MJJF-04-Otávio Rocha.jpg - Restricted Imani influence on politics
- Updated term limit to 5 years pr. request of military
- Restricted Imani rights
- Deposed following a military clash
Kâğan Bəğli 1950-1955 Republican Cumhuriyətçi Party Vekoslav Kramarič.jpg - Elected in 1950.
- Legalized a few Imani practices
-Pro secular
Dündar Məhmud Hacimustafaoğlu 1955-1965 Nationalist People's Party Milliyətçi 70980 Harald Hals.jpg - Opened up for free trade
- Made Kushya pay a larger role in International Affairs
- Started urbanization project
- Built an effecient transportation system across the country
Nəcib Həkimoğlu 1965-1970 Republican Cumhuriyətçi Party Jafar Shahidi - 1960s portrait.jpg - Supported oil drilling and coal mining
- Increased Kusic Exports of Oil and Gas
Harun Furqan Haydarmand 1970-1980 Citizen's Party Vatandaşlar'ın Partisi Profesor Wojciech Rubinowicz.jpg - Contributed to the Rural sphere
- Read out illegal pro-Imani verses
- Deposed during a military uprising
Süləyman Dəmir May 1980-June 1980 Military Order Askər-i Âliye Rihard-Zupancic.jpg - Loyal to the military
- Assasinated by Turgut Hamdi and the People's League
Turğut Xamdi 1980-1985 The People's League Millət Ligâsı FerruccioBusoni1913.jpg - Leader of the People's Leage
- Enforced nationwide free school and healthcare programs
- Legalized Imani schools and Madrasahs
Faysal Askəroğlu 1985-1990 Republican Cumhuriyətçi Party Dejan Stojanovic.jpg - First Leader-President role of the Republican Party
- Illegalized Madrasahs and closed multiple Imani-only schools
- Impeached following a corruption scandal
Hətib Aqar 1990-1994 Imani Unification Party İmaniyə Birliği Partisi John Stamos (2089147778).jpg - Youngest president of the Republic of Kuşiye (elected at age 27)
- Deposed and exiled to Demirhan by Military request
- Initiated hardline Imani policies
Umud Əvvəli 1994-1995 Military Order Askər-i Âliye Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1990-0226-305, Thomas Schmidt.jpg - Favored by the Military Order
- Re-established secular principles
Muhamməd Âlican 1995-2000 Conservative Collective Mühafızəkar Müttefiqlik HRH Prince Michael of Kent in colour.jpg - Dis-established the Military Order
- Resisted a military coup, thereafter cracking down on military might
- Reinforced Hatip Akar policies
- Resigning after 5 years of Presidency, favoring the Prime-Minister post.
Furqan Cəmoğlu 2000-2005 Republican Cumhuriyətçi Party Gerard Reinmuth, 2013.jpg - Tried to re-establish the Military Order according to multiple sources
- Increased Tax-rates drastically
- Execution ordered by the BMP for abandoning political freedom
Âli Faysal 2005-2015 Welfare and Security Party Rifah və Təhlükəsizlik Parti (before 2009) People's Movement Party Büyük Millî Partisi (after 2009) Walter Machtemes.jpg - Supported TBD accession
- Illegalized Death Penalty after Cemoğlu Execution.
Muhamməd Âlicân 2015-today People's Movement Party Büyük Millî Partisi Prince Michael of Kent (cropped).jpg - Re-legalized Death Penatly after 2018 coup attempt by former Military Order personnel
- Restored diplomacy with Suria, FSA and Antigo
- Cracked down on secularism and idolization of Hamid Celal Kuşdede



Climate data for Contiguous Kushyan average 1959-2019[1]
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 50
Average high °F (°C) 38
Daily mean °F (°C) 29
Average low °F (°C) 20
Record low °F (°C) −4.2
Average precipitation inches (mm) 72.2 65.1 62.2 60.1 49.2 33.8 17.2 19.9 29.9 49.2 64.4 77.7 77.7
Average relative humidity (%) 73 67 54 50 45 39 36 39 43 51 58 65 67
Source: Kuşiyə Millî Hava Bakanlığı

Culture and Arts

Kusic Music

Anthem of Kusiye

Peace March

Çəkildi Ufk-ı Vatandan Cəhənnəmi Zuluma
Uyan Vatan Uyan Artık Göründü Suph-u Nəcad (Hamid Paşa)
Uyan Of Uyan Çabuk Bu Uğursuz Gafləttən

O Günkü Bir Kahraman Bu Məsru-i Ədər Hər Cihan
Aziz Millətlərin İlə Çiçəklenir Düzen
Vatan Off Uyan Çabuk Bu Uğursuz Gafləttən

The persecution was withdrawn from the hell horizon,
Wake up your homeland, wake up now, the Beginning has come,
Wake up now, Wake up now.

Be Troubled, if you are silent, remember silent.
A hero of that day, recreated the Nation,
The Order has Blossomed!

Be troubled, if you are silent, remember, Silent.


  1. Kuşiyə'nin Hava Normalı 1959-2019'de