Kynge Cedric III

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Kynge Cedric III speaking at Universitet Washinburh in 2015
Kynge Cedric III (Cedric Alban Rys Cynesson) (born: 13 July 1961) was the reigning monarch of Myrcia from 2000-2017. He stepped down from the throne following the July 2017 monarchy referendum in Myrcia . He was born in Nórdport in 1961 and attended Kynge Scól, Súmburh and Kirkcoleg Myrcia where he gained a PhD in philosophy. He ascended to the throne on 1 August 2000 following the death of his mother Cwén Wendreda earlier that year. He was the first openly homosexual monarch to reign in Myrcia and is married with two children. The king openly supported the Wyrcend government's attempts to hold a referendum on the monarchy. When the referendum was held on 1 July 2017 he gave a speech at the Cynehám in which he said: "Today marks a new day for Myrcia, it has been a deep honour to be your king for seventeen years but you, the people of this country have spoken, and now I must stand down". On 3 July 2017 the king submitted his official abdication papers to the Ealdor and advised them not to find a successor. It is thought that he will move with his husband to a private property in Dunwic and continue his teaching at Kirkcoleg Myrcia.