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11, 31.5841, 108.6102
City of Léopoldville
Ville de Léopoldville
Provincial-level city
 • RegionNord
Ethnic GroupsAtaraxians (84%), Wiwaxians (3%), Other (13%)
DemonymLéopolder (Ataraxian: Léopoldain)
 • MayorSimone Cornet
 • Census (2015)1,114,005
 • Density6,920/km2
Metro4 lines

Léopoldville is the capital and largest city in the Nord or North region in the Federation of Ataraxia. As a provincial-level city, Léopoldville is not a part of any province within the North region.

Léopoldville is at the heart of a metropolitan area of 3.3 million people, including suburbs in the surrounding Régie du Nord province.

Léopoldville is relatively wealthy, with a high concentration of AX50 corporate headquarters and is considered the 2nd "business" city of Ataraxia ahead of Léopoldville. The city hosts the prestigious Ecole de Commerce business school, which has trained a lot of Ataraxian and international business leaders.

Léopoldville, and the North region in general, have lower concentrations of Ataraxians of foriegn origin compared to Ataraxia City and Oyonnax (though those that do live in the region are still concentrated in major cities).

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