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Lía is the capital and largest settlement of the Saarmae islands in Karolia. It has a population of around 5,500 and mainly serves the fishing and tourist industries.


Lía is located on the coast on the western side of the largest of the islands. It is actually closer to a small town in size but attracts city status though being the administrative centre of the state. The city is built around a sandy bay, with cliffs on either side and hills a short distance inland. Most of the older buildings are in the central area at sea level, with the newer parts on more undulating terrain.


Lía enjoys a warm climate most of the year round, with cooler temperatures than inland due to the coastal location.


A fishing village had existed in the vicinity of the modern city since medieval times.


The Elector of Lía is currently



Lía and the Saarmae islands are heavily dependant on tourism and to a lesser extent fishing for economic productivity. The city contains numerous holiday apartments (although the height of blocks is restricted by planning regulations) and entire resorts on its fringes. The population more than doubles in summer as many visitors from mainland Karolia and abroad come to visit the beaches and hills of the islands.


During the 1980s a number of nightclubs were built in the city and established a style of spectacular all-night openings with international DJs. Combined with the availability of cheap alcohol in the city (state taxes on the islands are lower than the mainland due to lower incomes) the city began to move from a more traditional seaside resort to seeing many more visitors in the 18-30 age group, often from overseas. Conflicts between revellers and locals came to the public attention in spectacular fashion in 1990 when a taxi driver was assaulted by a group of drunken men from Vega who then stole his taxi and were killed when it crashed into a building shortly after. During a subsequent wider enquiry into what were termed 'liquid tourist' relations it emerged that a number of local figures had been engaged in bribery to lobby for the expansion of the island's airport and the relaxation of planning laws to construct at least two 'super-clubs'. The Electors Council were reluctant to jeapodise an important source of income for the island but agreed to pass laws restricting the price of drinks, opening hours and number of clubs in the town. There have been fewer incidents since, but local residents still call for more action to be taken.


Lía has been a functioning fishing port since the first settlements is still is today. The fleet numbers around 95 boats and mostly catches a mixture of swordfish, shellfish and crustaceans.


Due to the local fishing industry, Lía is home to several notable seafood restaurants.


There are no passenger railways on the island. Most transport is by car or taxi-van.

The island is served by Saarmae Lía Airport, a small regional terminal around 8km from the city. There are daily flights to Vasireii, Santjana, Lapise, Fontjana and Gorjee, as well as Mecyna.

Ferries from the city run to Paliiso, Osmila, Osu, and Santjana as well as to the other islands