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8, -35.604, 162.114
State of Laine
Estado de Laín
FlagCoat of arms
FlagState Seal
Unit (Romantian)
My State, My Heart (official)
Laine is... (unofficial)
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
CapitalHálison and Orterrado
Official languagesIngerish
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
 • GovernorAmanda Antonio
 • Vice GovernorFelix Rubio
LegislatureState Assembly
 • Upper houseThe High Room
 • Lower houseLa Asamblea

The State of Laine ['læɪn] (Castellanese: Estado de Laín ['lai.ŋ]) is a state of the Federal States of Archanta (FS), located in the Northeast region of the country. Laine borders AR120-29 to the north, Arlington to the southeast, Boscainifornio to the south and Caroline to the west. Laine also has a maritime border with Unesia to its east. Hálison and Orterrado are both the capital cities of the state while Orterrado is also the largest city in Laine. Laine is divided into 12 counties, ranging between the population of 1,400,000 (OR) and 40,000 (MT)

Laine was founded in #### and joined the union in ####


The origin of the name "Laine" is unknown. One theory is that the name comes from the old name on the city of Northeastern Port, "La Entrada" (lit. The Entrance). The city used to be the maine maritime entrance to the state untill the construction of the Orterrado port in 1807. Another theory is that the name comes from the Ingerish word "Lain", meaning "Be, remain, or be kept in a specified state." witch symbolizes the willing of the Lainese to remain in their land.


Administrative division

List of counties

Seal Flag Name Code County seat Largest city Population Map Notes
Orterrado County OR Orterrado
Hálison County HS Hálison
Miañe River County MR -1 Carllspen Miañe
Augusta Bay County AB -4 Solomiero Lundres
Marlington County MT -8 Galicson
Armalera Valley County AR -5 Arma
Quep Falls County QF -7 Quep Falls Tigre Dorado
Oxdon County OX -3 Sindolor Alvia
Andalorian County AN -2 Lambbridge
Gorado County GR -8 Orilla Adelánte
Folto County FL -9 ? ?
Monte Camilore County MC -8 Valeriana ?

List of cities

Seal Flag Name County Population Map Notes
Orterrado Orterrado County 1,000,000
Hálison Hálison County 550,000
Lundres Agusta Bay County 360,000
Izobelary (Isabelaria) - Tigre Dorado Quep Falls County 200,000
Miañe Miañe River County 82,000
Lambbridge Andalorian County 80,000
Adelánte Gorado County 60,000
Quep Falls Quep Falls County 54,000
Armalera (Arma) Armalera Valley County 53,000


Highways and roads


Laine has an unusual numbering for its highways. This numbering rely on the counties the highways passes through. Each county (except OR, HS, MC and MT) has a unique number and every highway that starts, ends or crosses one of the counties, it will have this county number in it.

  • Main roads will be marked with two numbers, the counties it starts in and ends in, with the smaller number being first. For example: LN-24 goes from Andaloria county (2) to Augusta Bay county (4)
  • Secondary roads will be marked with same way but with the bigger number being first. For example: LN-xx goes from XX county (#) to XX county (#)
  • Small roads that cross multiple counties will be marked like main roads adding a serial road number. For example: LN-xx goes from XX county (#) to XX county (#)
  • Small roads that cross only one county will be marked with the county number being first and then a serial road number. For example: LN-401 in Augusta Bay county (4).

OR and HS don't have a number. OR is marked with single digit highways and duplicate numbered roads (e.g LN-2 and LN-11). HS is marked with highways with tens and smaller roads with hundreds (e.g LN-20 and LN-100)
Since MT ans MC are both the newest counties, they don't have their own number but instead they have the number their parent county ("Northern County") had, which is the number 8 (e.g LN-89 goes from MC to FL while crossing ML)

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