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Capital City
 • MayorMichelle Mohalis
Elevation0 m
MetroLakana Metro (LMTA)
TramCity Tramways (LMTA)

Lakana is the capital and largest city in Kaneiwa.



Originally an indigenous settlement, Lakana grew in the late 20th century as an important trading outpost for ships and merchants.

In the 1950's, there was restructuring in regards to municipal classification, with communities in the Lakana Metropolitan Area designated as Boroughs, Neighbourhoods, and Suburban Communities.


Arts & Culture

Planning & Infrastructure

Public Transportation

Discovery Card (Disco-Card)

The Disco-Card is a reloadable card which can be used for transit fares, convenience store purchases, and rail tickets. The Card is issued by LMTA and has been updated for use nationwide. Cards can be purchased at a cost at any metro, rail, or major bus station. Discount cards are available for seniors over 65 years of age, students under the age of 25, children and youth, and people with disabilities. Cards can be reloaded up to a value of $300. Cards are valid for 2 years at a time, after which time they can be renewed and updated at any station service kiosk for a small charge.

As of 2018, over 90% of area residents have and use Discovery Cards on the transport network.


The “City Transpo App” or 'CTA” is a mobile application created by the Lakana Metropolitan Transit Authority (LMTA). The application provides users with information and maps of all rail, subway, and bus services in the region. Users are able to pre-download the “Go Portal” feature of the application, which, at the press of a button, shows quick fare rates, timetables, maps of all routes and their designated stops. The app, which has been updated and compacted, has been revolutionary in making public transport easy in the city. Since the implementation of the Discovery Card in 1997, and the launch of the “CTA” app in 2014, the use of public transit in Lakana Metropolitan Area has skyrocketed. As of 2018, over 95% of area residents have and use Discovery Cards on the transport network.

In 2017, the app was available for pairing with the Discovery Card (commonly referred to as a “Disco Card” by locals). Users can input the details and connect their card to the app to pay for journeys using the mobile app. The app also can track card balances and expenditures.


The metropolitan area of Lakana is served by frequent buses and trains around the clock. The metro subway service runs from 6:00am to 2:15am daily. Trains arrive at stations every 4 to 9 minutes (depending on day, time of day, and line).

The Bus service runs both single and double-decker buses every 8-10 minutes on main routes, and every 20 minutes on regular, secondary routes.

Night Bus

After 2:00am, the “Night Bus” service comes into effect. The “Night Buses” operate 2-6am nightly. Buses on regular routes run every 45 minutes, and buses of special high-traffic, mainline routes run every 25 minutes.

Night Bus has been running since 1999 in Lakana and has been a great success. Since implementation of “Night Bus”, drinking-and-driving violations have decreased significantly in the city and suburbs. Night Bus has also been cost-effective for emergency service units, which receive fewer calls and report fewer incidents in neighbourhoods and on the roads.