Lake Vadiorare

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Lake Vadiorare
Ara Vadiorare

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Lake Vadiorare
LocationVadiorare Highlands
River sourcesBerai River
River Jurant
Catchment areaRabe-Tarrack Basin
Basin countriesDania
Surface area217 km² (84 mi²)
Major citiesRadern

Lake Vadiorare, also known as Ara Vadiorare and Vadiossøen, is a freshwater lake located on the border of Vodeo, Dania, and TA099, in the Vadiorare Highlands. It is fed by the Jurant and Berai Rivers, and is drained by the River Tarrack. The Vodean province of Vadiorare derives its name from the lake. The Vodean city of Radern and town of Storanc are located on the lake's north-western shore, while the Danian and Hlezirian shores remain undeveloped.