Lasswade University

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OGFmapicon.png 29.7962 N, 122.3543 E
Lasswade University
Lasswade University Seal
"Alis volat propriis (Latin)"
She Who Flies With Her Own Wings
 • CityPargiter
 • ChancellorLaurinda Higginsson
 • Undergraduate8,900
 • Postgraduate8,100
ColoursGrey and Green
AthleticsThe Green Jackets

Lasswade University is located in Pargiter, Wiwaxia. Founded in 1650, Lasswade University is the country's oldest and most prestigious. The College of Economics is the top business school in Wiwaxia and the College of Literature's graduate writing program has produced many of Wiwaxia's most famous writers.


Founded in 1650 by Henrietta, Countess of Pargiter, and modelled on the ancient Ingerish universities, the school pre-dates the independence of Wiwaxia.


The colleges of the main campus of Lasswade University are: the College of Economics, College of History, College of Literature and College of Mathematics. Craddock Botanic Gardens and Craddock Arboretum, north of the main campus, are part of the university's College of Horticulture.


The Woolfian Library is known for its comprehensive collection of rare books.

Famous Alumni and Academics

Famous graduates include Belinda Lisle, the Director General for the Royal Wiwax Bank; Sally Maitland, astronaut; botanic taxonomist Ellen, Lady Plymdale; newspaper editor Livia Ramsdale and author Ralph Loomis. Famous academics include former Chancellor and A.N. Deputy Chief Secretary Caroline Lindentree.

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