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8, 54.0, 130.0
The Latanian Free Region
Official languagesLatanish, Eylish (in the Southern District)
 • National languagesLatanish, Eylish, Dungu dialects
Ethnic Groups
Latanish, Eylish, others
NationalitiesLatanish, Eylish, others
 • Regional Chief~
 • Total55,114 km2
 • Census (2015)772,464
 • Density14.0/km2
 • Total$12.5 billion
 • Per capita$16,213
HDI (2014).70
CurrencyLatanian Altyn (PLA)

Latania (UL070a; Lt. Прилатанья, rom. Prilatanya; Ey. Латаніа, rom. Latania) or the Latanian Free Region (Lt. Прилатанскаі Вольнаі Краі, rom. Prilatanskay Volʼnay Kray; Ey. Ѕе Латаніан Фриланд, rom. Ðe Latanian Frîland) is a country in the Eastern Uletha, neighboring Neberly in the north, Darconia in the east, UL070b in the south-east, Glaster and the Island of Wyster in the south.


The aboriginal population of the territory were the Dungu tribes. Since 11th century they were gradually subjugated by various Glastian militia, which settled there in the 13th century through several "Wild Marches". The Glastians withdrew in 1355, as a result of the Glastian Civil War, but the states remained, although no longer under Glastian control. The states were united in 1450 when the Kingdom of Latain was proclaimed, but after the death of its first and only king in 1483 the state disintegrated, and due to the invasions from Glaster and highlander chieftains, and inner struggle for power, any kind of statehood was practically eliminated.

In the late 17th century Latania became the easternmost territory reached by Surian fur-traders and was settled by them. They organized themselves into the Latan Trading Company, established the first factories in the region, and ultimately took the territory under their control.

A series of revolts in the late 19th - early 20th century caused establishment of a socialist government, nationalization of all commercial enterprises, and alienation from the neighboring nations.

In the 20th century the country attempted to re-link its ties to Suria and other socialist nations, but ultimately failed and associated itself with the non-alignment movement.


Genetically and by appearance most people are descendants of the Dungu and other local tribes, who adopted the Latanish Language (the local variety of Surian).

In the southern and coastal territory the Eylish language (the local Wystrian dialect, but using the Surian script) is spoken and enjoys official recognition.


  • The Regional Charter of 1985 (Lt. Краіоваі Устав) serves as the national constitution.
  • The Control Commission (Lt. Контрольна Комисия) is the highest government body, which observes all other bodies' adherence to the Charter. It's headed by the Commission Elderman (Lt. Камисионаі Старшина)
  • The legislative branch is represented by the one-chamber Regional Duma (Lt. Краіова Дума, rom. Krayova Duma; Ey. Ландсдум, rom. Landsdûm).
  • The Duma elects from the candidates approved by the Commission the Regional Chief (Lt. Краіоваі Пасадник) who forms the Ministry Cabinet (Lt. Министерскаі Кабинет), which represents the executive branch of government.

Map of Latania

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