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In Latina football ("soccer") is a very populair sport. There a four national stadiums for the international plays. The one in Latina (Cidudad) 15, -13.4305, 39.7140 with 185.600 places and the second and third in Cordoba and Porto Colon, each with exact 100.000 places 15, -13.6483, 37.1383 and 15, -13.0181, 48.6577 A smaller fourth is in Van Pelt-Astoria with 80.000 seats. 15, -10.6871, 49.0256 In Van Pelt are traditionally the matches against Zylanda.

National Stadium in Latina (Cidudad)

In the national stadium of Latina (Cidudad) all year is the final for the championship of the provinces, where only amateures of the fourst league can play. The winner 2010 was Redondo, 2011 Sierra Ponente, 2012 Sierra Ponente too, 2013 Holland, 2014 Mil Ojes, 2015 Sierra Ponente and in May 2016 Cordoba. Most of this for the province-team selected players then go to one of the professional teams in the first or second division. At the end of the season too here is since 1920 the cup-final tor the clubs. Most of all teams the FC Juniores Sur in Latina (Cidudad) get this trophy - 13 times.

National Championship

First 1908 was played out a national champion - this first was FC Alemania (actuel # 16 in the first league). Most championships of all (16 times) has FC Juniores Sur (in Latina), this season on place 2. Next is FC Astoria (in Van Pelt) with 12 times. The most famous player was Fabio Megontes (1920 - 1999), long years the keeper of FC Juniores Sur and the national team and Gustavo Vogalo y Venerabo (1948 - 1978), the the blessed frontman of FC Linje in Van Pelt, died so tragic. A memorial for him is at the Linje-stadium.

National Team

National Team

The team four times win the WAFO-Word-Championship (1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014). Eight times the team was in the final, but lost the game four times. Also four times they made place # 3 and one time place # 4 (see WAFO_World_Cup). 1974 and 2006 in Latina was played out the WAFO-World-Cup with plays in Latina (Cicudad), Cordoba, Van Pelt, Porto Colon, Du Bois, Mendoza and Topahappan. The Final both times was in the National-Stadium in Latina (Cidudad).

Three times the team win the Continental Cup Antarephia and Tarephia, in the years 1972, 1980 and 1996. 1976, 1992 and 2008 Latina lost the final game. The team of 1972 two years later win the OGF-World-cup, so that many people say, that was the best team, that Latina ever had. Gustavo Vogalo y Venerabo was the leader of the legendary eleven. A list of all latinain players of OGF-World Championships are here.

In the actual team is playing as forward Sandra Cruz, a forward of excellent talent. She can play too in the womens national team of Latina. That she may play in the mens-team has the special approbication of the OGFIFA.

Traditional the national team plays in black and white, when they are the home team. At other places they most play in orange or from time to time changing colours, if it necessary. On the breast of the tricots is the Seal of Latina with the catpaw and since 2014 with four stars of the four OGFIFA-cups. Under the seal is written LFA for Latinian futbol association

1st and 2nd League

First League

19 teams play in the first league of the land. At the end of the season two teams go down in the second league and the first two of the second then play in the first league.

In this saeson it will be play in the first division
(for better use for visitors there are always given geographical links to the stadiums)

1. Zebras (Galilei, Latina), the champ last season 15, -13.5390, 39.5669
2. FC Juniores Sur (Barrio Sur, Latina) 15, -13.5266, 39.6769
3. FC Astoria 09 (Astoria, Van Pelt), playing in the 3. national stadium 15, -10.6871, 49.0256
4. Taparello Rats (Calle 155, Taparello) 15, -13.2662, 49.3894
5. Topahappan SC (Topahappan) 15, -10.8627, 43.5402}
6. Galida 07 (Galida, Porto Colon) 15, -13.2672, 48.8833
7. FC Redondo (Redondo) 16, -14.2312, 43.9524
8. Olympique Du Bois (Du Bois) 16, -11.4375, 37.6000
9. Athletico (Barrio Sur,Latina) 15, -13.5317, 39.6996
10. Cordoba 13 (Cordoba) 15, -13.5794, 37.1655
11. Mendoza Verde [Mendoza] 17, -11.69783, 39.59201
12. FC Palermo (Palermo, Latina)15, -13.4580, 39.5965
13. PC Athletico (Matanzas, Porto Colon) 15, -13.1592, 48.7257
14. FJ Linje (9. Linje, Van Pelt) 15, -10.8254, 49.0419
15. Águilas Givullion (Givullion) 16, -11.3288, 41.8710
16. FC Alemania (Alemania, Latina) 15, -13.3107, 39.5369
17. FC Taparello (Calle 12, Taparello) 15, -13.1505, 49.1538
18. Mendoza Bianco (Mendoza), this year up from 2nd division 15, -11.8074, 39.5821
19. Cordoba 96 (Cordoba), this year up from 2nd division again 16, -13.6367, 37.1198


Second League

Also 19 teams play in the second division. The teams there in this season are
1. FC Falconis (Henares, Latina), this year gone down in second division 15, -13.4807, 39.7839
2. FC Concordia (Este, Van Pelt), this year gone down in second division 15, -10.7458, 49.2296
3. Pesces Mar y Flora (Mar y Flora) 15, -17.4780, 41.2881
4. PC Animales (Zoo, Porto Colon) 15, -12.9816, 48.7378
5. Athl. Belgrano (Belgrano, Van Pelt) 15, -10.7472, 49.0415
6. Pirates (Belsante)15, -19.9363, 45.7559
7. Brisantes Cordoba (Cordoba) 15, -13.6169, 37.1693
8. Old Boys (Pugall)
9. Victoria 08 (Cordoba) 15, -13.5654, 37.3386
10. FC Cordoba Outbacks (Cordoba) 15, -13.6589, 37.4917
11. Taha gla Topahappan (Eagles of Topahappan) 15, -10.8716, 43.6932 - most with indigen players
12. FC Scippo 16, -13.0181, 44.6657
13. Gentofte Boldclub 15, -13.0800, 42.2272
14. Linea Marinas 17, -13.58071, 35.01556
15. Delta FC 15, -17.2083, 43.7837
16. Junis AS - this season come up from third league
17. Bremen 09 - this season come up from third league 16, -16.1915, 45.0599
18. Tentoten - this season come up from third league 16, -9.9994, 39.9896
19. Scippo 13 - this season come up from third league 16, -13.0585, 44.5036

At the end of the saeaon the last four teams go down in the regional third league. Latfootleague2.png

Third Leagues

The third league (regional leagues) is played in 8 divisions of province-compounds (west 1, west 2, north, central, east 1, east 2, south and metropolitain). This leagues each have only 16 teams. At the end of the season the first and the second team - summa summarum 16 teams - play in 4 groups to 4 teams for the upgrade in the second league each team against the other three in the group. The winner in each group goes up and four teams of the second league go down in the regional third league.

The eight province-compounds are

  • metropolitan = Latina (Ciudad), Nutria, Inca, Saguset
  • west 1 = Cordoba, Sierra Ponente, Sierra San Gabriel, Bisonte
  • west 2 = Guimbras, Rio Norte, Mesa Verde, Valle los Ciervos
  • north = Rio Bravo, Rio Oriente, Mil Ojes
  • central = Scippo, Redondo, Llanura los Gauados
  • south = Sierra Levante, Mesa Tinto, Montes Azul
  • east 1 = Valle Vulpeculo, Monte Golario
  • east 2 = Holland, Grimoualdini

How many clubs go down from a third regional league in the fourth provincial league has its reason in the question "Is one or are two teams go up in the second league and how many teams come down from the second league in a special third league?" In the theorie it can be

  • no club goes up in the 2nd league - 2 clubs go down and too so many, as come from the second league (from none to four)
  • 1 club go up in the second league - 1 club go down and too so many, as come from the second league
  • 2 clubs go up in the second legue - no club go down or so many, as come from the second league

To hold the number of 16 teams, always 2 teams of the provincial fourth league will go up in the regional third legue.

Prominent teams of the third league, who often had playes in the past in the second or first league (and hope to play again there)

Fourth league and lower leagues

The fourth league is only semi-professionell and organisized in 23 divisions - one for each province (province league). Under this level play the amateur-teams in the provinces.

To go up from the fourth league in the third league, there are some different regulations if the regional third league has a basic of two, three or four provincial leagues.

  • 2 provinces = winner of the provincial league go up
  • 3 provinces = relegation plays of the three champions of the province - each team against the other two
  • 4 provinces = two relegation plays (club a against B and club C against D - the winner goes up)

Latinian Football Association

7.000.000 people are organisized in the LFA (Latinian Football Associacion) and a lot of semi-professionell and amateur teams are activ in the land. The LFA has it seat in the Calle Marathon near the national stadium in Latina (Cidudad).