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In the 1840ies and 1850ies there were five raiway-stations errected in Latina

  • Southern Station (still in use) at the southern shore of Rio Norte for the trains to Saguset, the southern coast and partly to Porto Colon and Pugall
  • Northern Station (near Plaza Universidad) for trains to Du Bois and Mendoza - now Bus-station North
  • Western Station (near Almolaria) for trains to Cordoba and the Sierra Ponente - now railway museum
  • Eastern Station (near the place, where now the central station is) for trains to Porto Colon, Van Pelt and Pugall, now abadonned. This was the second greatest station of the four old stations after the Southern Station.
  • Oriental Station (near the eastern station) for trains to Givullion and the northeast. Here now lays the Central Station of Latina.

On the map you can see the station at 16, -13.4869, 39.7052

Historic stations of Latina (Cidudad)

opening 1927

Later it become clear, that these splitting of the railway traffic at different areas in the town was a mistake. So from 1921 to 1927 the new Central Station was build and new tracks layed. The new station was erected in Barrio # 6 - Alameda Nuova partly at the place of the former Oriental Station and near the Eastern Station. At the eastern area of the former Eastern Station now is the hall for the Cercania-trains of the west to east branches of that service.

1927 the new Central Station was opened and at the same time the Oriental Station and the Eastern Station closed. The trains to farer towns starts at the Central Station, only the trains to nearer targets starts til 1931 in the Northern Station and til 1955 in the Western Station. Trains to nearer targets in the east starts in the deeper level of the Central Station and gets then to the old rails to the east with the bridge over the Rio Norte.

The frontside of the station is nearly 700 m long, the hall with the tracks 360 m broad. Total the station has 32 tracks (1 - 20, 21 - 29 and 31 - 33). The five metro-lines # 3, 4, 7, 10 and 12 serve the station. Architect was Enrique Gezavolas from Cordoba.

Inside the station

ground level

20 tracks lay in a great hall, ending at street-level. 8 tracks (## 1 to 8 - counted from the east) at 4 platforms A - D are for Cercanias (commuter-trains) to the northeast, north and northwest. 8 tracks (## 9 to 16) at 4 platforms E - H are for normal trains in all direction without the south, 4 tracks (## 17 - 20) at 2 platforms (J, K) are for AVE-hi-speed trains, which ended in Latina Central. The tracks ## 17 - 20 were 1974 changed from 1,43 m to 1,78 m spur for the AVE-Trains.

All trains, using tracks ## 1 to 20, til 1999 terminated or started at Latina Central. 1999 was build the tunnel for the local cercania-traffic to Latina Sur (southern station), so that track 3 to 5 is usead for the northbound trains and tracks 6 to 8 for the southbound trains.

From the station straight to the north then goes 16 tracks - 6 for the Cercenias as local traffic, 6 for normal trains and 4 for AVE-trains. 7 km in the north now are the new railway-yards, which formerly was at the area, where now is the Latina Feria and the National Stadium.

Estacion Central in Latina (Cidudad) - tracks til 1999

first underground level

2 tracks - in the station 3 tracks (## 21 - 23) - for AVE-Trains lay in west-east direction near to the ending tracks ## 1 to 20. This curve allowes the junction of AVE-lines from the north with lines to the east. The curve was erected 1981.

6 more tracks (##24 - 29) at the tree platforms L, M and N lay here for the Cercanias in west to east-direction. Til 1955 they start only to the east. Since 1955 are 4 new rails in use from the formerly Western Station with stops in the city at Honor de Patria, Nutria, Barrio Vejo, Libertad and Ronda Grande and so this trains now run through the city. Now track 24 and 25 are for the westbound trains, track 28 and 29 for the eastbound and the tracks 26 and 27 in the middle for the starting and ending trains of the Cercania-lines # 115 and 116.

Parallel lay 4 metro-tracks under the Avenida Gentofte for the metro-lines ## 2 and 4. Line # 4 in the east then go under the cercania-tracks to the north.

second underground level

In a tunnel under the tracks 19 and 20 lay the platforms for tracks ## 31, 32 and 33. The route with then 2 tracks goes in a tunnel to the south, came then at surface and run over a bridge over the Rio Norte to the Southern Station, to allow a junction of AVE-trains from north to south. This tunnel was opened 1989.

third underground level

Here crosses the metro-lines # 7 and 10 the metro-lines # 2 and 4.