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Logo of Latzyl Air

Latzyl Air (regularly: Latina and Zylanda Common Aircraft Lines) is a state-run airline by a common partnership between the states of Latina, Niulutan-Riu and Zylanda. Latina holds 67 %, Niulutan-Riu 7 % and Zylanda 26% respective ownership of the airline. Even Latina has majority ownership, Zylanda also has special rights as shareholder.

The main-office of the company is 70, Alameda Santa Catharina in Latina (Cidudad) 2 - see 17, -13.49383, 39.65836

Latzyl Air serves up to 89 destinations, both intercontinental and regional. All domestic and regional flights between Latina and Zylanda are served only by Latzyl Air. Domestic Flights are priced competitively with the AVE - Railway to avoid a lot of interstate flights. Latzyl Air also has a flight from Zylanda Central to the Jørpenilands.

The main airports (Hubs) of Latzyl Air are located in Latina (Cidudad), Porto Colon, Cordoba, Mendoza and Van Pelt in Latina and the Central Airport between Elegantia and Negn Hobn in Zylanda. At this airports (and few others like Scippo / Redondo) started and landed too the international or intercontinental flights of other airlines.

Latzyl Air's Main Service centers are in Latina (Cidudad) and Porto Colon.