Liberan Peninsula

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Liberan Peninsula
Liberan Peninsula in the world
Population ~70 million
Number of countries 14
Largest cities * Henriko City
Demonym Liberatian

The Liberan Peninsula is a peninsula of the continent of Uletha that extends southward from the Maalfland and is flanked by the Asperic Ocean and the Sea of Mojaca to the south and east and the Sea of Uthyra to the west.

This peninsula contains various nations of various cultures, Mediterranean, temperate and tropical climates.

The north-eastern tip of the peninsula is covered by the Cathar Mountains ,a Mountain range spanning across Hav, south-eastern Maalfland and northern Tamihyra, The region is known for its dramatic sceneries and distinct culture. In the central Peninsular region are the so-called Peninsular Mountains, a range of mountains of different heights and derive several valleys, basins and plateaus. We are currently building two maritime channels in Maalfland and Riko to facilitate sea navigation routes and avoid surround the southern peninsula


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