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Liiga 2 is the second highest professional football division in Karolia, organised by the Kärolijas Jalkpalli Liidu, the Karolian national football association. Promotion is to Liiga 1, whilst relegation is to Liiga 3.


Liiga 2 was inaugurated with the creation of a five-tier professional and semi-professional Karolian league system for the 1971-72 season. As the previous league system consisted of four divisions with between twenty and twenty-five teams, the results of the 1970-71 season were used to decide the formation of the new leagues.

Teams have also been eligible to compete in the Riikspreema from the third round.


Eighteen teams compete in the league. For the 2014-2015 season clubs are:

Team Colours Sponsor City Stadium Finished in 2013-14 season Highest placed finish
Hoivapoo FC Säntjana 11
FC Century Säntjana Promoted from Liiga 3
S.C. Paliiso Paliiso 4
Samacja Linna Samacja Relegated from Liiga 1
Sebee Jalkpall Sebee Relegated from Liiga 1
Alafőldi Mors 15
Ösu Räänta Ösu Relegated from Liiga 1
Sienoo FC Kyor 6
FC Läästvaljas Osmila 7
Klub Tööniemi Gorjee 9
Taamrasid Pekkamu Promoted from Liiga 3
JK Liivu Liivu 8
FC de Parta Parta (Meridonia) 10
Batosji Liidu Batosji Promoted from Liiga 3
Raksa JK Vasireii 12
Vai Vai 13
Juuvani Vasireii 11
Vaistor 5


Each team plays every other once at home and once away per season. The top two clubs win automatic promotion to Liiga 1, whilst the third- to sixth-placed clubs enter play-offs for the final promotion place. The bottom three clubs are automatically relegated to Liiga 3.

Comparison to Liiga 1

Many clubs have been repeatedly promoted and relegated between Liiga 1 and Liiga 2 over the years, and there is little difference in the size of stadia, level of support and training schedule between the two leagues. However, a crisis began to emerge in the 1990s whereby many newly promoted clubs were becoming unable to afford the wages and fees for players of the quality required in the top division, and as a result quickly fell back to the second tier. In response, the KJL now grants newly promoted clubs a promotion fee split over the first two seasons in a higher division (with the majority being paid in the first year) in order to purchase players and coaching staff, maintain and improve stadia and run academies. This seems to have had a generally successful effect, but it is still the case that newly promoted clubs seldom attract the level of player talent and wages seen in the most famous Liiga 1 clubs until they have been established in the top tier for several seasons.

The number of overseas players is at a similar level to Liiga 1, although these tend to be less experienced footballers building up their playing hours.