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Area servedDunwic, Ceasternisc Bernica
Transit typeLight rail
Number of lines2
HeadquartersLinbæn Hús, Dunwic
Began operation1996
Operator(s)Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic
CharacterSome elevated sections, mostly at-grade
Train length8 carriages
Electrification1500 V DC
Network Map
Linbæn (often known as L-bæn) is a rapid transit system in Dunwic and Ceasternisc Bernica, Myrcia. It is operated by Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic.


The Linbæn system was first mooted in the late-1970s as a way for Railweg Myrcia to save money on running its suburban routes in Dunwic. At the time the services were underused and under threat of closure and conversion to busway. In 1982 Dunwic Burhcounsil released a transport plan which suggested transferring passenger service on these lines to Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic and looking into the possibilities of running a light rail service. The last Railweg Myrcia service operated in June 1983 and the lines were closed in order to convert them to light rail services. They reopened in October 1984 with the service pattern which survives today between Hýþ Terminal and Burdwic Mid / Weatende Mid.

In 1991 the system was upgraded to allow for driverless trains, these were introduced between 1992-4. The system now runs with no drivers but each train has a guard who is able to operate the train should systems fail. Since the system opened two new stations have been built at Strijp-D and Burdwic Súd. There have been numerous suggestions for extending the system but none are currently in the pipeline. In 2011 new rolling stock was bought to replace the 1991 stock, this is eight carriages long and required the extension of some platforms. When Dunwic Mid was rebuilt in 2010-5 it included new Linbæn platforms below the station box, Linbæn trains now make a steep descent into the platforms. Four platforms have been provided in order to futureproof the station and allow for a Linbæn extension.


Trains operate on 1500V DC electric power which is supplied through overhead lines. In overground areas these are conventional wires but in the tunneled sections they are fixed contact rails which run above the tracks. The majority of the system runs on at-grade or elevated tracks except for the central section below Dunwic Mid station where the line operates in tunnels and below street-level in the station box.


Some Linbæn stations are former Railweg Myrcia stations and include a ticket office, retail facilities and waiting rooms, others were purpose built and include more spartan facilities. A large project is underway to improve accessibility which has meant the installation of lifts and raised areas on many platforms. All stations have automated ticket machines, electronic display boards and some degree of shelter.


Rolling Stock


Origin Terminus via
 LA  Hýþ Terminal Burdwic Mid Mid Station, Ely Parc St, Ródinbrig Mid, Burdwic Súd
 LB  Hýþ Terminal Weatende Mid Mid Station, Ely Parc St, Ródinbrig Mid, Deneburn