Linreqiyan Peyan

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Linreqiyan Peyan
Peyan Skylines
Commenced operations1940
Operating basesMauretiaFlag.svg Mauretia
HubsIola International Skyport
Secondary hubsPortureqio Tangerinu
Focus citiesIola, Tangia, Pomalia
Frequent-flyer programPassaReqiya
Fleet size53
Company slogan"Ispetiala su elma bos"
(The world awaits you)
Traded asPeyan (LPY)
HeadquartersIola, Massaeya, Mauretia
Key peopleKefa Ovequle, CEO

Linreqiyan Peyan (Ingerish: Peyan Skylines), known most commonly as simply Peyan, is the primary airline in and flag carrier of Mauretia. Its focus is primarily international flights with secondary commuter service between the four international airports and two domestic external airports in the country. Its primary hub is the Portureqi Internatio Iola (Iola International Skyport), from where most international flights are based. It also serves Tangia and Salda–Kabyea with international flights. Its operations to and from Pomalia are domestic only. Peyan has long been a member of the Geolliance, and manyadditional connections are available through this partnership.


The main headquarters of Peyan is in Iola just outside the international airport. It connects directly to its major maintenance and docking facilities. The company rents access to a secondary maintenance facility in Khaiwoon as part of the Geolliance. The airline services the four international domestic airports and XX international locations. The airline only provides service to Archanta at Rivador and via alliance members. Previous routes were cancelled in part due to limited ridership, and a diplomatic incident caused by the downing of Flight 994 over Commonia.

The company was founded in 1939 under its current name. Peyan in Maurit means "wings" in the dual form. The term "linreqiyan" was chosen as it literally means "lines in the sky." Use of 'air' in the name was never considered given the nuances of the Maurit language. Given the difficulty of the word "linreqiyan" in many other languages, it advertises as simply "Peyan." It has come to be known by this name alone in colloquial speech domestically, as well.


Domestic services

Peyan offers flights between all six of its domestic destinations:

  • Iola International Skyport (principal hub)
  • Tangia–Tangerine Coast (secondary hub)
  • Pomalia–Meloke Massuna
  • Salda–Kabyea
  • Ilm Gorgaya (domestic external airport with restrictions)
  • Sansa Yosefa (domestic external airport with restrictions)

International services

Peyan offers direct flights from Mauretia to 32 international locations, primarily in Uletha and Tarephia. Four of the locations are available with connections through Bărădin or Khaiwoon on a tourism-dictated seasonal basis. Flights to nearby countries, such as Egani and Vodeo, for example, generally carry the most passengers. The history, positive relations, and other cultural ties make these locations particularly popular. Those in the Mauro diaspora across Tarephia and southern Uletha primarily tend to fly on this airline.

Peyan has explored more regular long-haul service to locations in Archanta but has thus far only initiated them on situational bases such as global sporting competitions. Even so, the airline has reintroduced periodic flights from Khaiwoon to Rivador and announced plans to resume long-haul service to Esperanza and Minneuka in the Federal States (with continuations to Aorangëa and New Ingerland).

Flights to and from Iola

Service from Iola exists to 32 international destinations in 31 countries.

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Blue lines indicate service to an international destination via short-haul and medium-haul flights. Red lines indicate continuing service from Bărădin or Khaiwoon. Yellow lines highlight new direct flights expected to begin in the next few months.


Linreqiyan Peyan flight 996 to Pyingshum, Kojo was shot down on 17 October 1999 northeast of Khaiwoon by the Suvumese government. The plane exploded mid-air, killing all 152 people aboard. The Suvumese initially declared its innocence but blockaded the debris field, preventing Maureti personnel into the area to retrieve the bodies or wreckage. It was later revealed that a Suvumese general shot down the plane in an effort to "punish" Mauretia for holding dialogue with and transporting two Goytakanyan officials it deemed as "international techno-terrorists." The Suvumese government denied telling the general about the two individuals, who had actually missed their previous flight in Khaiwoon. It was later revealed that military intelligence ordered the strike and destroyed some of the remaining debris to prevent recovery. The incident caused a rift in Suvumese–Maureti relations. To this day, Mauretia denies entry of Suvumese goods and persons. Products made elsewhere with documented Suvumese parts are not permitted to be sold in the country either. A memorial was built outside the Iola airport in honor of those whose bodies were never recovered.