List of Breweries

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Name Ingerish Main factory Founded Factories HL in 2014 Remarks
Cervezeria Dorada Golden Brewery Porto Colon 7 in Latflag.png Latina 1849 9 18.311.000
Cervezeria Golondrina swallow Mar y Flora in Latflag.png Latina 1894 5 14.567.900
Cervezeria Pata Nera black paw Pata Nera near Porto Colon in Latflag.png Latina 1921 4 10.250.000
Cervezeria Rip Van Winkle Rip Van Winkle Van Pelt City in Latflag.png Latina 1849 4 8.567.900 in eastern Latina
Browar Bełcie Bełcie Brewery Bełcie in Flag of Ardencia.svg Ardencia 1759 1 1.280.000 in Ardencia
Cuats Biir Curt's beer Rensenbrink in FLAGZYL.png Zylanda 1899 4 4.200.000 in Archanta and eastern Latina
Berăria Vâlceana Vâlceana Brewery Vâlcești in Flag of Antharia.png Antharia 1543 3 1,600,000 150px
Bradgy Godwyt Godwit Brewery Abercenlig in Tircambry-national-flag.png Tircambry 1986 1 Bradgy-godwyt-logo.png
Do goode goost the good ghost Cascande in Cascande-flag.png Cascande 1723 2 1.005.000 in Niulutain-Riu and Khaiwoon
Hercules Brewery Hercules Khaiwoon-Ralaphan in Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon 1904 1 1.300.000 Khaiwoon and Gobrassanya
Saiku Saiku Brewery Sebee, Karolia flag.png Karolia 1685 3 1,786,450 Exports worldwide. Saiku original label.png
San Miguel Saint Michael San Miguel = Latina (Cidudad) in Latflag.png Latina 1833 26 102.500.000 export worldwide
Tahapoca Cervezeria Falcon river beer Latina (Cidudad) 16 in Latflag.png Latina 1973 3 2.800.000
Welstern Welscher Star Kirchenburg , Flagwelsrijk.png Welstand-Westrijk 1854 Welstern.png