List of Centers of Higher Education in Ataraxia

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Elite Eight

The Seven Sisters plus the Université de l'Haut-Var constitute the most prestigious section of higher education infrastructure in Ataraxia. Most senior-level businessmen, politicians and military figures in Ataraxia are alumni of one or several of the Seven Sisters.

School City or Town Founded Number of Students Specialties Notes
École Publique d'Administration Ataraxia City 1750 4,000 Law, Government Training ground for future politicians and senior bureaucrats
École des Négoces et Marchands Léopoldville Business
École des Mines Villemarie Engineering
École Centrale St. Sébastien Engineering
École Médicale Fenelec Medicine
École Navale Saturnay Military
École Militaire St. Éloi Military
Université du Haut-Var Ginex Business, General

Other Centers of Higher Education in Ataraxia

A list of higher education institutions in Ataraxia, including art schools and music conservatories, technical and medical schools and other institutes of higher learning.

  • School: College or University
  • Location: City
  • Founded: Date of Founding
  • Number of Students: Number of students enrolled
  • Specialty: Principal subject of instruction
  • Notes: General remarks

School City or Town Founded Number of Students Specialties Notes
Académie de l'Armée de l'Air Élisabethville Military
École Nationale de l'Instruction des Langues Ataraxia City Languages, Diplomacy
Collège du Lux Oyonnax General
Université de Val-de-Marien Stanleyville Engineering, Physics, Nuclear research facility