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This is a wiki article on travelling tips to each country by the country itself, or other tourism boards. To add in go to first.

December 2016

Country Travel Tips
Allendea Before traveling to Allendea, there are a few things you should know.
  • Money: There is a lot of corruption in the Allendean monetary system. You should generally pay or get banknotes with no more value then 100 pesos. In general, money is very thin and wrinkled, so handle the bills with care. If more than a quarter of a bill is missing, it's no longer legal tender. If you're in the city, you shouldn't bring large amounts of money with you. Money from ATMs is generally real.
Ammirice If you wish to make a trip to Ammirice you will be greeted with all the kindness possible as long as you have money to spend,

It is well known that the tourist agencies are numerous and will take you anywhere you want to know, you can visit the mountains or you can navigate the Brusey River.

  • In this country the TARA currency is used which if you bring foreign money you will be exchanged for the Tara.
  • In Brusey you can do everything you can imagine in this huge city there are areas where the parties never stop, also the bets but be careful not everything is rosy, despite having a high level of security we do not guarantee you do not go to suffer from theft as there are people who steal unsuspecting tourists.
  • There are cities where it is forbidden to throw garbage in the streets between these is Brusey, Sofia, Cibe, Valnecia, Soria, Ciudd, Streinen, Berlingue, Nameles, Carpelia These are just a few depending on the Principality you can have a fine to spend a couple of days in cell
  • You will need to read an ammirice law manual (just above) since there are laws in this country that you will not believe.
  • Moving by plane across the territory is not expensive but it is not so cheap, it is an option to consider.
  • Never insult or touch a National Guard since they can lock you up in jail even if you have only said one bad word, It is Legal.
  • Efficient public transport can go wherever you want using it, for this almost the entire territory has ticket tickets that you can buy at bus and train stops. Remember not to pay for public transport with cash and if someone demands to pay it in cash, call the police (only taxis are not paid with tickets).
  • In ammirice you will need a tourist visa (usually easy to get at airports, embassies even online)

For this visa you must carry 10,000 TAR either in cash or electronically.

  • After the expiration of the tourist visa period, you must extend it, otherwise you will have to pay a fine for each day you have in the country without a visa.
  • These are some things to consider, it will seem a lot but we assure you that you will have an unforgettable experience here. You will not want to leave.
Latina Why make sorrows? You can move free in Latina and enjoy the land. All people are polite to you, if you are also. If not - be able to carry the reaction.

You can hire a taxi without harm - all drivers will take only the regulary price. This too is the case for rides to or from the airports. The few "black shep" will lost theyr license, if it is clear, that you shall pay too much. Do not hesitate, to call the police at such few occassions.

Latinians do not like cards - they fear then to be "glass-men". So be prepared, always to pay cash and only in Latinian pounds. But in every town you will find a bank, where you can change money from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.. Latina is near the Aequator, so in the mid daytime (12 a.m to 3. p.m) many shops are closed for a short sleep. Therefore at the late evening people are living up and the night is short.

You can drive on the motorways without speed-limit. Which not means, not to be careful. For public transit in the cities you can get cheaper anonyme abo-cards for a day, three days or a week of unlimited journeys.

People do not like noise, which can be avoided. So please do not shout loud at the street ot speak too loud in your telephone in the hand. Do not hear loud music in the metro, streetcar, bus or railway. It is not ususal, to isolate self in the public room with speakers in the ear. If you will hear music loud - there are hundreds of music-clubs in the land.

Litvania "If you're going to Litvania for a few days, you'll probably want to go to the mountainous regions in winter, as there is a lot of ski resorts and beautiful views of the Koljárvi Lake. If you are heading for Loráva, there are lots and lots of museums, such as the Loravian Natural History Museum. This place is a shrine for all lovers of science, as well as anybody who is interested in the flora and fauna of the Egailian Lake region. There is also many restaurants serving fine local and international food, as well as some specialties. The Nové Mesto (New City) is a place of business and innovation. With its many business hotels, you'll be very welcomed by the quality of the area.

Around the countryside, especially in the area around of Kolárno, if you run out of money, you won't have to worrry. Even if it seems stressful and needy to foreigners, for Litvanians, having someone in the house is like having God in the house. Thus you will be welcomed by the many hostels in the area.

The far North is a Lakeland. There are many international class resorts and places to visit. There, nearly the entirety of the population speaks Ingerish, Franquese, or Castellanese, so you will be able to communicate without the "nightmare for foreigners" language that Litvanian is.

The need for beforehand LKR (Litvanian Krona) isn't needed, as there are many exchanges in the country. The are always marked as Výmmenica."

Text from "Zvedzánie Litvénské" by Lukáš Loker

Freedemia *Be prepared for warm weather- Freedemia is located on the equator so weather stays pretty warm year round
  • Freedemia celebrates what much of the world celebrates as the commercial side of "Christmas" with the tree and gifts on New Year's Eve/Day!! Presents are opened at midnight New Year's Day.
  • Public Transit is the best choice for getting around Freedemian Cities. We don't yet have a uniform transit pass, but each system like Quentinsburgh's QUARTA have discounted day, 3 day, week, month, and year passes that are way cheaper than paying each ride if you ride frequently.
  • Intercity Rail and Bus are very robust and the best way for getting between cities (though FreedemiAir and their few domestic flights may try to convince you otherwise)
  • It's probably best to fly in through Quentinsburgh and then take rail or bus for most western Freedemian cities like Laneston/Vandover, Graham City, and Reedsboro, fly in through Franklinsburgh for cental or eastern Freedemian cities like Lake Grander, Anneitasburgh, etc or either for places in between like Personsboro or San Grande.
Pasalia Pasalia is a constitutional monarchy in southern Antarephia. The official language is Ingerish. Its standard currency is the Pasalia Standard Dollar (PSD) although most large chains and businesses at tourist hot spots accept USD as well. Please note that even if ATMs are widespread most people still prefer Cash. Because Pasalia tends to be a nation that as an unhealthy love affair with cars it comes handy if persons over 18 years are in ownership of a valid drivers license. The country drives on the right. Please visit for more information about the acceptance of your countries drivers license. The countries electricity network runs on 230V at 50HZ and uses the Atarephia Triple Bolt Plugs and Sockets. Electricity is free of charge, but your hotel will almost always charge you a set fee, ranging from 4-10 PSD/Day for using their access. People with respiratory problems should carry needed equipment due to the fact that many people still smoke in public and car and factory pollution can lower air quality enormously in short times.

Speaking of emergencies: The national emergency phone number is 159 and emergency call centers should have people that are able to speak Ingerish, Castellanese and Franquese. If you can't find a telephone look out for the ,Public Shelter' signs which will not only lead you to a safe place but also the adjacent booth which are staffed 24/7. If you plan on bringing gifts for your relatives back home note that goods worth over 18,000 PSD have to be declared and taxed when you leave the country. You may take up to 200 Cigarettes, 8 Liters of alcoholic beverages out without tax. Pasalia is very careful of who is crossing their border so don't be surprised to be searched. Published by the Department of Tourism of Pasalia.

Commonia *You're entering a post-truth society; don't believe everything you read on the internet; find a good map to navigate by; take out an insurance policy
  • Before visiting, make sure you have enough Commonian Buc with you as there are very few money changers in Commonia (even then, they will cheat you). Other currencies including the USD is not accepted as legal tender, with some exceptions of the West Commonian Buc. Bringing ten thousand Buc into Commonia is like going for an out-of-money experience.
Drabantia -Public Transport
  • First of all, buy a public transport ticket. They're sold everywhere and they're conveniently priced, thanks to the nation's obsession with environmentaly friendly means of transport.
  • They start at $1 (15 minutes), but you can even buy a 24-hour ticket ($10) or a week-long ticket ($60.)
  • They work in all cities with public transport, interchangeably. Public transport in Drabantia will get you anywhere around the city; long-distance buses and trains (tickets sold separately at the driver's) will get you anywhere around the country.

-Tourist Service

  • There are Ingerish signs everywhere, even on the countryside (when there are some landmarks around.)
  • There's a information kiosk/convenience store chain called Checkpoint with stores on every corner. Learn to use it: you can get free maps, buy cheap snacks and transport tickets there.

-What to see and watch out.

  • Castles, manors, fortresses, old towns- there are plenty of those.
  • Take a hike through the wonderful nature (Drabantia is the world's number one in nature conservation and protectment)
  • The country has a lot to offer to architecture enthusiasts. In the mountains, there are wonderful folk wooden houses. The Lower Luhava region is known for its rustical brick buildings and Drahns are packed with modern concrete and steel structures.

-Weird laws and traditions

  • No smoking in public. You won't be able to light a cigarette in many restaurants either.
  • Before entering a public transport vehicle, step aside the door and let the people get out. Then enter.
  • Drabantia's economy is not based on tourism at all. The people will appear friendly and helpful, but deep down they feel raw contempt to you.
  • Never be loud in public. People will passively-agressively stare at you.
  • When a public vehicle is crowded, you don't try to squeeze in, but you wait for the next one. No physical contact with strangers! (Source: opentouristguide)
Karolia Karolia has pretty relaxed border controls, and visas aren't required for most countries. You can drive through from neighboring countries without showing a passport.

Everyone speaks Inglish, so don't worry about learning the difficult local languages. But watch out for regional spelling variations.

Be aware four different banks can all print banknotes with different designs - check the value before paying. Karolia still uses cash for most transactions.

The high-speed trains are very quick and affordable buy check you are in the right class - there are three. The Saisraud gets very full in ski season so book in advance.

Cars are not recommended in cities - the public transport is comprehensive and cheap. However in remote regions you will need your own transport. Beware of avalanches, rockfalls and snow (you will need winter tyres) and locals who have little time for dithering tourists. Also be aware that on derestricted motorways some large cars will genuinely drive as fast as they can go, so if you do use the overtaking lane be prepared to have a car approaching at 250km/h flashing and hooting at you to move over.

Don't attempt to get a siikesilla unless you are of Karolian descent - they are heirlooms, not souvenirs. Do get yourself some tickets to a concert - Karolia is famed for music, particularly at this time of year.

Woolonia Honestly, between raising tensions between traditionalist rebels and the modernist government/civilians and the new development that the rebels have access to synthetic poisons and other new weapons, it might be best to have your Woolonian friends and relatives come visit you instead. Woolonia may be better than some places, but it's currently not very stable.