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Please use this page to list national and regional airlines based in your country. The purpose of this is to avoid having the same name for two different companies and get an idea of route coverage and hubs. Please use red background to indicate national flag carrier or state airline if one exists. WAAT-Flight code should be unique, only regional airlines which do not operate in the same area are able to use congruent codes.

Name Call sign WAAT-
Flight code
Country Intercontinental/regional/charter Number of aircraft Number of routes Main hubs Notes
Adair Adarian AD Adariaflag.png Adaria Intercontinental 60 Nichiuri 4th of May International Airport Privatized in 2004. National flag carrier. Operates all domestic flights in Adaria.
AeroCarioca Carioca AC Flag itc1.png Cariocas Regional Itacolomi Intl. Privatized. National flag carrier.
AerAŭstro Aŭstro A? Auhstrasunoteroflag.svg Aŭstrasuno Tero Intercontinental Eksilita Kompaso Internacia Flughaveno Main airline, international and domestic flights.
Aero Line Aeroline AE Mergany Flag.png Mergany Intercontinental Viljanni
AeroIndigo Bluehok AI ByriFlag1835present.png Kalisaanyo Intercontinental Emilia Tanaka Caporavo International (Sadiemarkt) State-owned airline for Calliesanyo
Air Iscu Iscu IS Iscu.png Iscu Intercontinental 20 Iscu International Airport State Airline of Iscu, international and some domestic flights.
AeroSur AeroSur AS Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere Regional 57 29 Aéropuerto Internacional Nicolás Jameson (South suburban Villa Constitución) Low-cost regional carrier originally based in El Cabo
Air Ataraxie Ataraxian AA Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia Intercontinental 225 160 Ataraxia International Airport National flag carrier
Air Karolia Karolian KA Karolia flag.png Karolia Intercontinental 130 65 Säntjana Anola-Fiorii, Säntjana Tougu, Vasireii Liasú International
Air Khaiwoon Khaiwoon AK Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Intercontinental 121 76 Khaiwoon International Airport 51% state owned
Air New Ingerland New Ingerland NI New Ingerland.png New Ingerland Intercontinental TBD TBD Kingsbury International Airport
Air Noria Noria AN Nordurland Flag.png Norðurland and
SNærsland Flag.png Suður-Nærsland
Regional 31 19 Frjálshöfnurflugvöllur, Markvaðurflugvöllur Serves only small airports in Nærsland, Suður-Nærsland and Eldfjallafylki
Air Sanain Air Sanain SN Saikyel flag.png Sãikyel International 54 Sãikyel International Airport Flag carrier for Sãikyel, 50% state-owned
Air Spyritsa OzhaSpyritsa OZ Ohemian Imperial Flag .png Ohemia International 109 20 Corrostance Ohemian International Airport
Air Tavauru Tavauru T4 Tavauru flag.png Tavauru Regional Tauantua International Airport
Air Velin Airvelin AJ Viljanni Flag.png Viljanni International Peus Telur Rasmus International Airport Viljanni -
Air Valaga VALAGA VA Flag of Valaga.png Valaga International TBD TBD Valka International Airport National flag carrier & Not state-owned.
Air Wiwaxia Wiwaxia AW Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia Intercontinental 107 113 Wiwax-Pargiter International Airport (Wiwaxmouthe/Pargiter), Lydgate Mary Garth International Airport (Lydgate) National flag carrier & wholly state-owned
Airandalia Airandalia A? Randalia Flag.png Randalia International 33
  • James T. Kirk International Airport
  • Hunter International Airport
  • Mustang City International Airport
AirBloregia Airblore AB Flag of Bloregia.jpg Bloregia International/intercontinental Blöndel
Airchanta Airchanta AX VegaFlag.PNG Vega Regional 21 13 Vega International Airport, Vega Sur - Sálvora Airport First private airline in Vega
airEgailia Egailian EG Litvenska Flaga.jpg Litvania International
AirPlurinesia Plurinesian AP VlagPSM1b.png Ste. Marie and Ste. Helene Regional 12 11 Ste. Marie International Airport Private airline, mainly serving southern Plurinesian archipelago, some median-distance routes to southern Uletha.
ANA ALORA NATIONAL AL Alora Flag 800.png Alora Intercontinental 144 102 Mopaso International Skyport Also known as ANA Airlines. Formerly: Alora National Airlines
AnthAir AnthAir AH Flag of Antharia.png Antharia Intercontinental 82 75 * International Airport "Iuri Nemencic" in Vâlcești State-owned airline for Antharia
Apex Air APEX XR Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States International Los Reyes Valdez International Airport Low cost airline serving northern Federal States.
Archanta Southern Airlines Southern AM FLAGMECY.png Mecyna Regional 32 13 Canal International, Säntjana Anola-Fiorii, Vasireii Liasú International Aircraft are registered in several countries. Mecyna has no single flag carrier but the status is de facto awarded to this airline and Phoenix Airlines after the collapse of Air Mecyna and still uses their code.
Arctic Airways Arctic AQ Ruoguovvás flag.png Ruoguovvás Intercontinental 72 91 Luollagirddán international airport State owned national flag carrier
Ardentic Airlines Ardentic OA Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States International 43 18 Founded in 1941 as Oceanic Airlines (the WAAT-code is still OA) and renamed in 1962 as Ardentic Airlines. It mainly offers flights from the East Coast of the FSA across the southern Ardentic Ocean.
Asperic Airways Asperic TV Tavauru flag.png Tavauru Intercontinental Tauantua International Airport
AVIA Avia AV VegaFlag.PNG Vega Intercontinental 119 50 Vega International Airport, Eraso-Bolduque International Airport National flag carrier
Aviair Aviair AR VegaFlag.PNG Vega Regional 18 Vega Sur - Sálvora National regional carrier
Awyr Tircambry Airtir AT Tircambry-national-flag.png Tircambry Intercontinental 84 Lleifwr Caerarthen Airport National flag carrier
Axian Airways Axian XA Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia Regional Rive-Sud-Cartelet-Port-aux-Princes Airport Low-cost regional carrier
Aŭstra Hejmaeroitineroj Hejaŭt A? Auhstrasunoteroflag.svg Aŭstrasuno Tero Domestic, Regional, International Eksilita Kompaso Internacia Flughaveno, Lupoglaĉero Internacia Flughaveno Airline with 50% state ownership, makes regional and near countries flights.
Blao Ær Blao BL Esheinflag.png Eshein Interntional Angela Halensk International Airport low cost of Eshen Ær (the flag-carrier)
Brisa Brisa BS 2band brasonia.jpg Brasonia International 25 13 Aeroporto Internacional de Cpo.Verde Private flight company serving regional and national airports in Gran-Lusland countries.
BrunsAir Bruns BR GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Intercontinental 96 75 Kenrich Intercontinental Airport
Chantair Chantair CA Final design.png Commonia
Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta
International 89 78
Castilean Airlines Castilean Airlines CS Castilea Archantea.svg Castilea Archantea International 97 77 Aeropuerto Internacional de Edetanea - Alicén, Aeropuerto Internacional de Orihuel
Citywings Citywings CW Mergany Flag.png Mergany Regional 14 17 Airport Gausbrug
Compañía Aérea Ardesférica Ardisphere A? Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere Intercontinental 80 47 Aéropuerto Internacional Presidente Ángel Keum (Villa Constitución, DF), 정토국제공원 (Jeongto, CC) Formerly state-controlled, now wholly private, still traditionally considered "flag carrier" but granted no special concessions or operating privileges.
DBA Drabantian DB Drabantia flag.png Drabantia Regional 30 12
  • Václav Karel III. Airport Odrava
  • Třesno Airport
Flag carrier, private, the only airline based in Drabantia.
DeltAir Delta DA Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta Intercontinental 55 32 Malojdeh International Airport, Old City International Airport, Delta City International Airport, Norve International Airport National flag carrier.
DeltaWings Deltawings DW Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta Regional 29 20 Banneg International Airport, Assenda Airport, Ezajun International Airport, Ussaria Airport Partially state owned regional carrier, partially owned by DeltAir.
Demirhan Airlines Demirhan DH Flag of Demirhan Empire.png Demirhanlı Devleti International
  • International Airport of Sultan Selim II
State-owned airlines flying mainly to countries in Archanta and southern Uletha
Dominion Air Dominion DV Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo Regional and international Saviso Bradford Airport, Holme Airport, Avington Airport Operates domestic and international flights. 53% owned by Vodean government.
Dumbo Star Dumbo Star DS FlagKofuku.png Kofuku semicontinental TBD TBD Merky International Airport, Mark Yado International Airport State-owned low cost airline for Kofuku. The state bought it in 1973 from a Gobras airline.
Duncanheim Royal Airlines Duncanheim DR Duncanheim Flag.png Duncanheim International 16 6 Kattenden Bakarsbond International Airport
EasternWings Eastern EW Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Intercontinental TBD TBD Stanton
EmiliAir EMILIA EA Esthyra flag.svg Esthyra Regional and International 101 Erilyn International Airport Flag carrier and the only airline for Esthyra
Eshen Ær Eshen ES Esheinflag.png Eshein Intercontinental Angela Halensk International Airport State-owned (flag-carrier)
Falcon Air Falcon FC Randalia Flag.png Randalia Regional 17
  • James T. Kirk International Airport
  • Hunter International Airport
  • Mustang City International Airport
Federal Airlines Fedair FA Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Intercontinental Stanton International Airport
Flota Airlines Flota FL Galicja-flaga.png Lechia International Międzynarodowy Port Lotniczy Kolgóra-Brzeziny Private and low-cost airline, the largest in Lechia
Flyg Mergan Flygmergan FY Mergany Flag.png Mergany Regional International Airport Stanncatt
Flyht Myrcia SKIPPER MY Mercian flag.png Myrcia Intercontinental Dunwic Flyhthæfen International State-owned flag-carrier
FlyMe FLYME FM Flag of Guai.svg Guai
PaxtarFlag.png Paxtar
International TBD TBD Vai International Airport
Mellispupillam Airport
Low-cost airlines. Services to Antarephia & Tarephia destinations
flySmart SMAR FS Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Regional Wallawaukee Foley-Fillmore International Airport
Dennison International Airport
Budget airline formed from the merger of flyWest and Southern Swan Airways.
FreedemiAir Freedemia FR FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia Intercontinental ~60 Sean Bond International Airport, Walter Sanderson International Airport, Aeropuerto Ciudad Nature National flag carrier, not state owned but partially state supported as a public-private partnership
Lechian Airlines Gal GL Galicja-flaga.png Lechia Intercontinental Międzynarodowy Port Lotniczy Kolgóra-Brzeziny 51% state owned airline, the second largest in Lechia
Gobrassian Gobras GO GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Intercontinental 102 65 Gobras City
Guai Airways GUAI GU Flag of Guai.svg Guai Intercontinental TBD TBD

Vai International Airport

Helvetianic HELVETI HE Flag of Helvetiany.png Helvetiany International 92 125 Zurchau Airport
HetzAir HetzAir HA Flagwelsrijk.png Welstand-Westrijk International, Intercontinental Kirchenburg International Airport State co-owned airline for Welstand-Westrijk and Shilesia
Horjene Mountainous HJ Litvenska Flaga.jpg Litvania Regional and Ulethan International Molburg-Osina International Airport
Ikk´bin Ikkbin IB Balam utz flag.png Balam-Utz Intercontinental 28 30 King Pakal I Internacional Airport, Ek-Balam Privade 80%, Public 20%
Izaland Airlines Izaki IZ Izaland National Flag.svg Izaland Regional and Intercontinental 226 156 Sainðaul International Airport, Sainðaul, Izaland Privatized in 2001
Jardiniana de Aviación JARDINIANA JR Jardinian flag.png Jardinia Intercontinental Jardinia International Airport State owned flag carrier
KAwings Kwing KW Karolia flag.png Karolia Regional 26 15 Säntjana Tougu, Paliiso Saepoo Low-cost subsidiary of Air Karolia
Key Air Key KY VegaFlag.PNG Vega Regional 35 54 Vega Sur - Sálvora Airport, Los Lagos - San Jorge Low-cost budget carrier
Khaiwoon Pearl Airlines Pearl KP Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Regional 11 6 Khaiwoon International Airport low-cost budget carrier
KiolAir Kiolar KR NationalFlagRGNK.png Rogolnika Regional 25 11 Kiolar City, Domkarad Owned by the Kiolar State Government
KojAir Kojo KO Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo Intercontinental Pyingshum International Airport, Finkyáse, Jaka, Kippa, Yoyomi 49% government owned; operates via different brands
Latzyl Air Latinian LZ Latflag.png Latina and
FLAGZYL.png Zylanda
Intercontinental 231 89 Latina (Cidudad), Porto Colon, Cordoba, Zylanda Central state line
Libralia Libralia LA Ispelia flag.png Ispelia Intercontinental 82 55 Fortuna, Torre, Avidoma, Ravigà, Divanto, Mirenna Recently privatized airline with extensive scheduled passenger and cargo services
Linreqiyan Peyan Peyan LP MauretiaFlag.svg Mauretia Intercontinental 87 53 Iola (International), with a secondary hub at Tangia. About one third of routes are thrice weekly.
Litvanka LITVANIA LK Litvenska Flaga.jpg Litvania Intercontinental 306 100 Loravia, Molburg for regional routes. One of the oldest airlines still in operation. Responsible for monthly flights to the AN Southern Islands Base.
Majos Air Majos MJ Karolia flag.png Karolia Regional 18 9 Säntjana Tougu Also charters planes
Merganwings Merganwings MW Mergany Flag.png Mergany Intercontinental 202 127 International Airport Stanncatt
NorðurLines Nordurlines NL Nordurland Flag.png Norðurland Regional 49 21 Frjálshöfnurflugvöllur Private flight company that serves regional and national Airports in Norðurland and neighboring countries
Norlensk þjóðflugfélag (Norlensk National Airlines) Norlensk NA Nordurland Flag.png Norðurland International 102 44 Markvaðurflugvöllur Completely state owned
NorthrivAir River NR Esheinflag.png Eshein International RTW International Airport Privately owned
Onnutuan Onnutuan ON OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu Intercontinental 29 17 Leluwa International Airport state owned;
serves 5 domestic and 12 international destinations
Paroyan Airways Paroyan PA ParoyFlag.png Paroy Intercontinental 170 TBD Flag carrier and 52% state owned
Pasalair Pasalair PL 1200px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png Pasalia Continental 68 XX Pasaliapolis
Paxair Paxair PX PaxtarFlag.png Paxtar Intercontinental 159 100 Safrisco
Pan Ulethan World Airlines Clipper PU Flag of Antharia.png Antharia Intercontinental Borodyn International Airport, Bărădin
RAA Royal Aulean Airlines R? Flag3.jpg Auleus Intercontinental 24 18 Carran International Airport Flag Carrier
RKA RKA RK Leressoflag.png Leresso Intercontinental TBD TBD Aludres Ikàeruva Airport Official Name is "Royal Kadmar Airlines" but known colloquially as "RKA"
Royal Wallean Airways Royal Wallean Airways RW Walleanflag.jpg Wallea Intercontinental 65 tbd Rajha Damai International Airport (San Martín,Wallea) More than half of its shares are state-owned and official airlines for Wallean tourism
Rogolnikan Airways Rogolnikan RG NationalFlagRGNK.png Rogolnika Intercontinental 153 68 Ergolanyum, Kiolar City, Domkarad official flag carrier of the country; 100% state-owned
SkyRide Airlines SkyRide SR Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Regional Lake City Gunnison Airport
Skywoon Airways Skywoon SW Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Regional 17 10 Khaiwoon International Airport
Southern Airlines SouthAir SA Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Intercontinental Lake City International Airport
Tanay Air Tanay TN Flagtanay.png Tanay Intercontinental 2 Bogoy Airport National flag carrier
Tauhon Airlines Jundah TA Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Intercontinental Jundah-Stuart International Airport
TÁNGOKÏO TANGO TG Flag of Guai.svg Guai International TBD TBD Vai International Airport Operates both chartered and scheduled flights
Transcontinental Airlines Transconti TC Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Intercontinental 78 105 Stanton International Airport liquidated in 1994
Uletha Eastern Airways Uleast UE Izaland National Flag.svg Izaland International 134 TBD Sainðaul Asunahama International Airport
Union Airways Unair UA Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States International TBD TBD
WiwaxAir WiwaxAir WA Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia Regional 23 16 Wiwax-Pargiter International Airport (Wiwaxmouthe/Pargiter), Stanleyville-Val de Marien (Stanleyville, Ataraxia) Regional airline 49% owned by Air Wiwaxia; also has international service to Ataraxia and Pasundan-Padjadjaran
Yellowwings Yellowwings YW ParoyFlag.png Paroy Regional 22 TBD Low-cost flights to Tarephian and Antarephian destinations
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