List of airports in Neo Delta

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This page is a list of all the airports in Neo Delta.

List of Neo Delta airports

  • Airport name
  • Community: Primary community served
  • Region: Federal subject and County-equivalent where located
  • WAAT: Three character World Association of Air Transport Airport Code (i.e. IATA)
  • ANACA: Four character Assembly of Nations Agency for Civil Aviation Airport Code(i.e. ICAO)
  • Class: A = intercontinental; B = international; C = regional
  • Runways: Number of runways
  • Position: Latitude/longitude
  • Notes: General remarks
Airport name Primary City or Town Served State WAAT ANACA Class Runways Position Notes
Assenda Airport Assenda Haunted Coast ASS ANAS C DeltaWings Hub
Banneg International Airport Banneg Podepen BNG ANBN B DeltaWings Hub
Cobotan Airport Cobotan Goquanz CBT ANCB C
Delta City International Airport Delta City Delta DLT ASDC A 2 55.5472 S, 136.7578 E DeltAir Hub
East Zaudge Airport East Zaudge Fragopol EZD ANEZ C
Ezajun International Airport Ezajun Nospring EZJ ASEZ B DeltaWings Hub
Hilia Airport Hilia Igutai HIL ANHL C
Malojdeh International Airport Malojdeh Capital MLJ ASML A 2 56.8268 S, 135.2448 E DeltAir Hub
Norve International Airport Norve North Falls NRV ASNR B 3 54.6415 S, 138.4238 E DeltAir Hub
Old City International Airport Old City Deep Bay OLD ASOC A 2 55.6881 S, 135.4863 E DeltAir Hub
Plorida Kiz Airport Plorida Kiz Starcliffs PLK ANPK C
Sezania City Airport Sezania City Sezania SZN ANSZ C
Sirasen Airport Sirasen Eleran SRS ANSR C
Taiago International Airport Taiago Brugas TGO GNTG A DeltAir Hub
Ussaria Airport Ussaria Movinia USS ANUR C DeltaWings Hub
Vioripa Airport Vioripa North Entrance VRP ANVR C

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