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This is a list of notable companies in Vodeo, including private and state-owned operations. Companies highlighted in pink are state-owned corporations, while those in blue are international companies operating in Vodeo.


Name Industry Sector Headquarters Founded Notes
Bow Rubber Company Consumer goods Personal and household goods Holme 1861 Rubber and latex products, (VSX: BOW)
Cobalt Motor Corporation Consumer goods Automobiles Silverton 1843 Auto manufacturing, (VSX: COB)
CVU Mining Basic materials Basic resources Gerrise 1967 Mining, (VSX: CVU)
National Steel Basic materials Basic resources Silverton 1942 Steel, (VSX: NST)
NEPCO Utilities Electricity Saviso 1940 Owns and operates the National Grid. Originally founded as the National Electric Power Company in 1940, renamed to NEPCO in 1989.
Packard Food Company Consumer goods Food and beverage Avington 1898 Packaged and processed foods
Rabe Uranium Company Basic materials Basic resources Cheltenham 1964 Uranium mining, (VSX: RUC)
Sirion Telecommunications Fixed-line telecommunications Saviso 1983 Telecommunications, (VSX: SIR)
Stanley Toy Company Consumer goods Toys Gerrise 1885 Toys, (VSX: STA)
Straven Tace Industrials Aerospace, industrial engineering Silverton 1985 Trucks, railway rolling stock, aeroplanes, produced from merger of Straven (est. 1856) and Tace Limited (est. 1909). (VSX: STT)
Stratos Telelink Telecommunications Fixed-line telecommunications Avington 1997 Telecommunications, (VSX: STL)
Tangent Telecommunications Fixed-line telecommunications Saviso 1986 Telecommunications, formerly Vodean Telecom until 2003. (VSX: TAN)
United Food Company Consumer goods Food and beverage Saviso 1882 Packaged foods, (VSX: UFC)
Vodeo Post Industrials Industrial transportation Saviso 1860 Postal service, originally the Post Office until 1990.


Name Type Founded Operations Notes
Bank of Cambria Banking and insurance 1683 International VSX: BOC
Bank of Queensborough Banking 1855 Domestic VSX: BQB
Bank of Saviso Banking 1839 Domestic VSX: BSA
Bank of Tarephia Banking and insurance 1746 International VSX: BTA
BlueBank Banking and insurance 1958 Domestic Co-operative bank limited to members of the emergency services and border authorities.
Commercial Banking Corporation Banking 1906 International Operates as CBC Bank. (VSX: CBC)
Great Northern Bank Banking 1872 Domestic VSX: GNB
Mutual Assurance Company Insurance 1883 Domestic
PNB Vodeo Banking 1981 International (ParoyFlag.png Paroy) Vodean subsidiary of PNB Bank.
Postbank Banking 1864 Domestic Operates as a subsidiary of Vodeo Post.
RD Bank Banking 1969 International VSX: RDB
State Bank Banking 1990 Domestic VSX: STB
Western Building Society Banking 1938 Domestic

Food and drink

Name Type Founded Operations Notes
Big John's Pizza Pizza 1991 International
Bluestone Coffee shops 2002 Domestic
The Burger Boys Burgers 2002 Domestic
Cactus Kate's Restaurants 1988 International
Casa Frango Florescentian-style chicken TBC International (Karvaland flag.png Karvaland)
Captain Seagull's Fish and chips 1989 International
Crackerjack Burgers 1956 International
Duchycoffee Coffee shops 2006 International (Mercian flag.png Myrcia)
Empire Coffee Coffee shops 1954 International VSX: EMP
Grinders Coffee Coffee shops 1997 International
Innsley's Fast food 1949 International
Ollies Chicken Fried chicken TBC International (New Ingerland.png New Ingerland)
Pit Stop Fast food 1961 International
Speedy's Pizza Pizza 1957 International


Name Type Headquarters Operations Founded Notes
Able Rent-a-Car Car rental Gerrise International 1990
Ajax Car Rentals Car rental Saviso International (New Ingerland.png New Ingerland) TBC
Byron Hotels Hotels Holme International 1886
Citihotel Hotels Saviso International (Mercian flag.png Myrcia) 1993
Cobalt Rentacar Car rental Silverton International 1950
Staywell Hotels Saviso International 1952


Name Type Headquarters Founded Notes
Media Enterprises Print media Saviso 1988
National Media Radio and television broadcasting Avington 1955
Revolution Pay television broadcasting Holme 1987 VSX: REV
Standard Television Television broadcasting Holme 1956
Telstar Pay television broadcasting Saviso 1996 VSX: TEL
The St Austell Telegraph Company Newspapers Saviso 1859
Vodean Broadcasting Corporation Radio and television broadcasting Saviso 1928 VBC Television (VBC1, VBC2, VBC3, VBC 24, VBC Parliament), VBC Radio (VBC Dominion, Radio Vodeo, CE, VBC Concert, and Radio Gold)

Oil and gas

Name Type Founded Operations Notes
Alliance Filling stations 1975 Domestic
Big Tree Filling stations 1909 Domestic
Deltic Oil refining, filling stations 1911 International
Grable Oil refining, filling stations 1926 International
Mantlegas Filling stations 1928 International
Pump n' Scoot Filling stations 1991 International


Name Type Founded Operations Notes
2/6 Supermarkets and convenience stores 1923 International
After Dark Adult shops 1978 International
Bathroom Warehouse Bathroom furnishings 1977 International
Best Fresh Supermarkets 2001 Domestic
Big Save Supermarkets 1985 Domestic
Bin Barn Supermarkets 1989 Domestic Specialises in bulk food
Clayton's Off-license bottle shops 1967 Domestic
Clunes Sport Goods Sport goods 1922 Domestic
Colour Store Computers and electronics 2007 International Retail arm of Colour Corporation
Corks Liquor Off-license bottle shops 1993 International
Countrywide Real estate 1982 Domestic
Dave's Hardware Hardware and building supplies 1970 Domestic
Flood's Tyres Tyre retailers 1973 Domestic
Foodway Supermarkets 1959 Domestic
Home Zone Department stores 1984 International
Interchange Clothing stores 1990 International
Klappersacks Department stores 1862 International
Liquor Station Off-license bottle shops 1979 Domestic
NT Computers and electronics 1982 International
Orange Electronics Computers and electronics TBC International (New Ingerland.png New Ingerland)
Paperclips Stationery and office supplies 1988 International
Print City Stationery, office supplies, printing 1981 Domestic
Roadrubber Tyre retailers 1936 Domestic
Sands Jewellers Jewellers 1891 International
Save More Supermarkets 1998 Domestic
Stereo World Audio equipment 1966 International
Stewart Hill Electronics and appliances 1925 Domestic
Taps & More Bathroom furnishings 2000 Domestic
The Baby Place Baby goods 1994 Domestic
Three Stripes Supermarkets 1952 International VSX: TSL
Victoria Tarrant Clothing stores 1993 International
Warners Supermarkets 1992 Domestic
Wild Yonder Outdoors and camping equipment 1980 International


Name Type Headquarters Founded Notes
Colour Computer hardware and software Saviso 1974 VSX: COL
Duckworks Inc. Computer hardware and software Gerrise 1979 VSX: DKW
ITC Limited Online shopping Gerrise 1997 Established as the Internet Trading Company in 1997, renamed to ITC Limited in 2006. VSX: ITC
Main Corporation Computer hardware Gerrise 1892 VSX: MAI
Marathon Semiconductor Computer hardware Gerrise 1961 International (Ingerland-flag.png Ingerland); subsidiary of Phoenix Electric. VSX: MAR
Quick Consumer electronics, music equipment Gerrise 1879 VSX: QCK
Weld Technology Computer hardware Gerrise 1988 International (Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States)


Name Type Headquarters Founded Notes
Brumbles Road freight transport Holme 1935
Dominion Air Consumer goods Saviso 1919 Airline, (VSX: DOM). 53% owned by the Vodean government as a Dominion Corporation.
St Austelline Rail transport Saviso 1899 Public transportation, owned by the St Austellian government. Formerly St Austell Railways from 1899 to 1984.
Vodean National Rail transport Saviso 1912 Public transportation, Dominion Corporation.