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Note: TLD (top level domain) please only in latin letters

This is a list of all the internet top level domains (TLDs), vehicle registration codes (A-codes), and international dialing codes (T-codes).

The Internet Standards Commission of the Assembly of Nations has requested that, in principle, nations should try to limit themselves to one TLD per country, unless there is an "especially compelling reason" to obtain a second, such as the .en domain assigned to Eŋrige for international users unable to type ".eŋ" addresses.

Please add to this list in alphabetical order by name of country (in Ingerish).

Top level domains and motor-car code

  • TLD: The top level domain
  • A-Code: international code of motor-cars
  • T-Code: international telephone-code (+2xx - Uletha West, +3xx - Uletha East, +4xx - Tarephia, +5xx - Antarephia, +6xx - Archanta, +7xx - Pelanesia & Orano, +8xx - Ereva, +9xx - Kartumia)
  • Entity: The country, dependency or region
  • Explanation: Explanation of the country code when not self-evident from the Ingerish country name
  • Notes: General remarks
TLD A-Code T-Code Entity Explanation Notes
.ab AB +437 Flag of Abrilleron.svg Abrilleron ABrilleron
.ag AG +375 Agarderia Flag.png Agarderia AGarderia
.ai AI +621 Adariaflag.png Adaria Adaria
.al LA +490 Lapistan and Azurea Flag.svg Lapistan and Azurea Lapistan and Azurea Lapistan and Azurea, but domain in reverse order to have only two letters
.av AV +272 Flagalt.JPG Altavia AltæVia (Altævan spelling)
.am AM +604 Drapeau du Royaume d'Ambroisie.jpg Ambrosia AMbrosia
.an AN +201 AnthariaFlag.jpeg Antharia ANtharia
.aa AL +200‡ Alora Flag 800.png Alora AlorA ‡Part of the Peninsula Dialing System (PDS) †The .al and .aa TLD's are also available for the use in Takora as well as other possessions of Alora. The .al TLD was relinquished and is avaialable to be assigned to another country
.ad AD +633 Andalazflag.jpg Andalaz AnDalaz
.ao AO +992 Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangēa
.fa FA +617 Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere Federación Ardesférica
.ar AR +657 Arataran flag.png Arataran
.ax AX +321 Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia AtaraXia
.as AS +661 SAF flag.svg South Astrasian Federation Astrásia do Sul
.au AU +507 Flag3.jpg Auleus Auleus
.at AŬT +580 Auhstrasunoteroflag.svg Aŭstrasuno Tero strasuno Tero
.bl BL BaldoriaFlag.png Baldoria BaLdoria
.ba BA +616 Flag of Balonis.png Balonis BAlonis
.bc B +515 Drapeaubro.png Broceliande BroCeliande
.be BE +101 Brieland Brieland
.bg BG +414 2band slovech.png Belgravia Belgrávia
.bj BJ +503 Bosojgyounite flag.svg Bosojgyouni Bosojgyouni
.bm BM +432 DrapeauBMT.svg Beaumontan BeauMontan
.bp BP +337 FlagBelphenia.png Belphenia Belphenia
.bu BU +212 Balam utz flag.png Balam-Utz Balam-Utz
.br BR +413 2band brasonia.jpg Brasonia BRrasônia
.bw +350 Bürttemwerg Flag.png Bürttemwerg Bürttemwerg State in Mergany with independent top level domain
.cy CY +541 ByriFlag1835present.png Kalisaanyo Calliesanyo
.ic IC +398 Flag itc1.png Cariocas Ilhas Cariocas
.ca CAS +399 Cascande-flag.png Cascande semi-independent part of Nuilutan-Riu
.cs C +200‡ Flag of Castellan.png Castellán ‡Part of the Peninsula Dialing System (PDS)
.ce CE +256 Cernou-national-flag.png Cernou Cernou
.co CO +640 Final design.png Commonia
.cp CP +620 Asyedan CPR Flag.png Ciudaperr Ciudaperr
.da DA Darcodia Flag.png Darcodia
.db D +240 Drabantia flag.png Drabantia DraBantia
.de DE +600 Flag Demacia.png Demacia
.fs FS +682 Luciano Flag DFS.png Drull Drull Free State
.ea EA +993 East Anglesbury flag.png East Anglesbury
.en +288 Eäßnordælånd Flag.png Eäßnordælånd Eäßnordælånd/Eaßnordælånd
.ee EE +354 Eelannin lippu.png Eelanti Eelanti
.ef E +277 Erfeldia Erfeldia
.eg EG Egani Egani
.eh EH +569 Elhadia flag.png Elhadia
.el EL +442 ElhádhonFlah.png Elhádhon
.es ES +320 Esheinflag.png Eshein Eshein
.et ET +310 Esthyra flag.svg Esthyra Esthyra
.ig IG +260 Estiensia Ísztianország - international name: Estiensia
.eu N/A N/A EUOIA Flag proposal2.png EUOIA Eastern Uletha
.ez EZ +338 Erzaleria flag.png Erzaleria Erzaleria
.fr FR +415 FreedemianFlag.jpg Freedemia Freedemia normal public/private websites, government sites use .frgov, .free is actually more frequently used for public websites
.fl FL Florescenta-flag.png Florescenta
.gl G Galicja-flaga.png Galicia
.ga GA +280 Garlis
.gr GR +216 Gardensa-flag.png Gardensa .go GO +200‡ GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Gobrassanya ‡Part of the Peninsula Dialing System (PDS)
.gk GK +397 Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya GoytaKania
.gs GLS +376 Glaster Flag.png Glaster Glaster
.gu GU +501 Flag of Guai.svg Guai Guai
.ha HA +603 Hathana Hathana
.ho HO +938 Dartannia flag.png Hinton Hinton
.in I Ingerland-flag.png Ingerland
.is IS +307 Ispelia flag.png Ispelia ISpelia
.jf JF +540 Flag.png Jefferson Free Republic of Jefferson
.zy +612 FLAGJISL.png Jørpenilands belongs to Zylanda
.jt JT +366 Flag of Justinique.jpeg Justinique
.ka KA +655 Karolia flag.png Karolia Car ID used to be KV (Karolias Vabariik), depreciated since 1975
.kh KH +319 Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon From within the Peninsula Dialing System, Khaiwoonese telephone numbers can also be dialed using the 319 area code.
.kl K +270 Kalm flag.svg Kalm
.ko KO +388 Kojo temporary flag.png Kojo .zeng.ko for government purposes
.kp KP +590 Pasalia Kingdom of Pasalia
.kr KR +662 Karvaland flag.png Karvaland Karvaland
.ks KS +550 KaoshaFlag.png Kaosha Kaosha
.kt KT +468 Flag of Kotel.png Kotel KoTel
.kv KV +663 KovatanyFlag.svg Kovatany Kovatany
.ky Kyor
Karolia flag.png Karolia
For the state of Kyor
.la L +411 Latflag.png Latina for private use in Latina
.lc L +411 Latflag.png Latina for government and commercial use in Latina
.ld LD Lallemand flag.png Lallemand LallemanD
.le LE +526 Leresso-Flag.png Leresso LEresso
.lk LTV Litvenska Flaga.jpg Litvania LitvénsKo Used as a TLD in Litvenska Flaga.jpg Litvania and within its territories.
.ln LN +340 Unknown Flag.png Lantia LaNtia
.los LO +517 Siran Flag.png Lossira LOSsira
.lv LNS +567 LonsFlag.svg Lons LôniêV Unlôn T-code spells LNS on T9 keyboard.
.lu LU +412 2band lusland.png Luslandia LUslândia
.lz LZ +627 Flag Lezerne.png Levarrie LeZerne
.m KS +550 KaoshaFlag.png Kaosha Formerly Maessigerland
.mh MH +577 Luciano Flag MH.png Mahhal
.mo MO +244 Zastava.png Mallyore Mallyore/Maliorska
.mm MM +313 MauretiaFlag.svg Mauretia Melknas Mauretia (Royal Dominion of Mauretia)
.me ME +622 FLAGMECY.png Mecyna
.ml ML +555 Meilan flag.png Meilan
.mer M +350 Mergany Flag.png Mergany
.ma MA +678 Template:Makeoverly
.mp MP +656 Meridonia flag.png Meridonia Meridonia di Principalitas
.md MD +303 Midistland national flag.png Midistland MidistlanD
.mt MT +505 Montran Flag.jpg Montran MonTran
.mu MU Muneig MUneig
.mr MR +500 Mercian flag.png Myrcia MyRcia
.nj NJN +667 Flag of Naajaland.PNG Naajaland NaaJalit Nunaat
.nk NK +542 Flag nalkor kochi.png Nalkor-Kochi Nalkor-Kochi
.na NA +417 FlagNATURE.png Nature Nature The New Autonomous Province of Nature was part of Freedemian until 2007 use .fr and 0513
.nd ND Nordurland Flag.png Norðurland
.ne NE Neberlian Flag.jpg Neberly
.au NAU +459 Template:New Austland New Austland
.ni NI TBD New Ingerland.png New Ingerland New Ingerland
.dl DL +666 Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta Neo Delta
.nr NR +399 Vhislands.png Niulutan-Riu the formerly "Holy Islands"
.oa OA +510 Ohemiaflag.PNG Ohemia Ohemia
.or OR +601 Orle flagg kongeriket.png Ôrlé Ôr
.ok OK +363 Ostermark Flag.jpg Østermark OestermarK
.on ON +227 OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu From within the Peninsula Dialing System, Onnutuan telephone numbers can also be dialed using the 227 area code.
.pa PA +420 ParoyFlag.png Paroy Paroy
.pp PP +333 Flag of pasundan-padjadjaran.jpeg Pasundan-Padjadjaran
.pr PR +339 Flsg.jpg Pretany Pretany
.px PX +500 PaxtarFlag.png Paxtar
.pd PD +287 Podoliaflag.png Podolian Republic Podolia
.rd RD +679 Randalia Flag.png Randalia
.rh RH +693 Luciano Flag Rhododactylia.png Rhododactylia
.rg RG +681 Flag of Rogolnika 1.png Rogolnika Rogolnika Car code used nationwide
.rl RL TBA Reeland flag.svg Reeland ReeLand
.ro RO +345 FlagRoantra.png Roantra
.sy SK +380 Saikyel flag.png Sãikyel Sãikyel Many commercial websites use the domain
.st S +344 FlagSathria.jpg Sathria
.sc SC Scandmark-flag.png Scandmark
.sw SW Schwaldia-flag.png Schwaldia
.sz SZ +202 ShilesiaFlag.svg Shilesia Szlůnsk
.sl SL Slavonia-flag.png Slavonia
.sm SM +392 VlagPSM1b.png Ste. Marie and Ste. Helene
.sn ND/SN SNærsland Flag.png Suður-Nærsland Semi-autonomous republic (part of Norðurland) Own A-Code since 2012, the number of registered automobiles with Norðurland's A-Code in Suður-Nærsland is decreasing rapidly.
.sr SR +610 Drapeau Surricie.png Surricy (FR)
.sv SV +390 SuvumaFlag.png Suvuma
.tk TK +200‡ Takora Flag.png Takora TaKora ‡Part of the Peninsula Dialing System (PDS); Also the .tak TLD was relinquished.
.ta TA +419 FLAGTARA.png Tara
.dt DT +578 TarrasesFlagforMini.png Tárrases Ducado de Tárrases Autonomous protectorate of Mahhal. Due to past black market, many Mahhalian vehicles were illegally registered in Tárrases, but changes in tax law are reducing this problem
.tg TG +508 Tengappei flag.png Tengappei Tengappei
.ti TI +456 Flag of Tigeria.png Tigeria TIgeria
.tc TC +250 Tircambry-national-flag.png Tircambry Tircambry Kingdom of Tircambry
.ul UL +506 Nat flag ullanne.jpg Ullanne Ullanne
.ud UD +243 Flag Utterland.jpg Utterland Utterland
.ung UNG +436 Flagge von Unglend.png Ünglend Ünglend Motor-car code UR (Unglish Republic) used until 1985
.hv HV +322 Flag-Ataraxia-Haut-Var-3.png Upper Var SAR Haut Var Semi-autonomous region of Ataraxia
.vl VL +200‡ Flag of Valosia.png Valosia ‡Part of the Peninsula Dialing System (PDS)
.vg VG +602 VegaFlag.PNG Vega
.ve VE +262 Ventria Ventria
.vi VI +525 Vilvetian Republic flag.png Vilvetia
.vj V +349 Viljanni Flag.png Viljanni VK +254 Vinnmarkflag.png Vinnmark Vinsk Union (an alternative but official name for the Kingdom of Vinnmark)
.vs VS +305 Vartasimalia flag.png Vartasimalia VartaSimalia
.vd VD +402 Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo VoDeo
.wa WA +605 Walleanflag.jpg Wallea WalleA
.wc WC +640 Luciano Flag WC.svg West Commonia Shares telephone code with Commonia, from which it separated in 1997.
.wl WL +618 Template:Westland Westland
.wm WM +255 Wesmandy-national-flag.png Wesmandy Wesmandy
.wx WX +323 Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia WiwaXia
.wy WY +378 Flagwyster.png Wyster
.xe XE +409 Xenica flag.png Xenica Xenica
.xs XS +642 Flagxsegunis.png Xsegunis
.tc TCY +250 Ynyspur-flag.png Ynyspur (Tircambry) Ynyspur Autonomous territory of Tircambry
.yu YRS +357 Yuris Flag.jpg Yuris Yuris
.zy Z +611 FLAGZYL.png Zylanda
.xd Ж +512 Keze flag.png Kėzėpölān Ж¤Ŧ Kėzėpölān The code '.жŧ' is used by internet users within Kėzėpölān but is not a recognised TLD outside the islands. The codes .mh and .dt may also be 'usurped'. There are no privately owned automobiles but Ж is used for syndicate-owned vehicles.