List of highest mountains

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This list includes notable mountains higher then 3000 meters, as well as any peak which is the highest in its country. The table is listed in order of height.

  • Name: Name of the mountain
  • Range: Range, in which the mountain stands
  • Country: Country, in which the mountain stands
  • Height: Elevation in meters
  • Position: geographic position of the peak
  • Notes: General remarks
Name Range Country Height (meters) Position Notes
Mount Pinkani The Sierras Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States 6708 31.7728 S, 141.0273 E Highest mountain in the FSA
Enchantment Peak The Sierras Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States 6315 31.7186 S, 141.1332 E Popular touristic peak due to ease of visiting
Kibsy (El Roncador) The Sierras Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States 5965 31.5692 S, 141.0784 E Highest volcano in the FSA (exhibits activity)
Monte Golario none Latflag.png Latina 5941 14.6954 S, 48.2396 E only mountain in Latina with glacier
Mount Pintbourne none Neberlian Flag.jpg Neberly 5940 58.6464 N, 112.7447 E highest mountain in Neberly
Mt Gosier none OrinocoFlag01 111614.png Orinoco 5774 37.8490 N, 141.6685 E Highest point in Orinoco
Mt. Polashin Rickorack Plateau Flsg.jpg Pretany 5444 52.2905 N, 64.6401 E Lone Ultra-prominent extinct strata-volcanic peak
Tunicawi The Sierras Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States 5226 31.8162 S, 141.1631 E Volcano which has recently shown activity after 20000 years dormant
Mount Torahashi Izaki Alps Izaland National Flag.svg Izaland 5189 37.8458 N, 128.4866 E Highest peak in Izaland
Bessó Gran / Gemelo Mayor Adarian Mountains Adariaflag.png Adaria 5131 22.5756 S, 131.2285 E Highest point in Adaria
Levàntu Monté (Mt. Levantu) Kusanné Leressoflag.png Leresso 5101 34.2518 S, 5.8240 E Highest mountain in Antarephia
Mount Mamuhun Izaki Alps Izaland National Flag.svg Izaland 5077 37.7948 N, 128.4550 E Second highest peak in Izaland
La Gemela The Sierras Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States 5039 -33.08818 N, 143.52641 E Highest mountain in the state of Flag of Apawiland.png Apawiland
Mount McInnes The Sierras Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States 5005 -32.3789 S, 141.8023 Active volcano, had dangerous eruption in 1960
Monte Veritas Sierra Grande Latflag.png Latina 5003 8.9293 S, 45.9004 E
Mount Akigushi Izaki Alps Izaland National Flag.svg Izaland 4988 37.8169 N, 128.7425 E Third highest peak in Izaland
Mount Oyranόirekenes Central Range (Arion) ArionFlag.png Arion 4632 17.5601 N, 53.0504 E Highest peak in Arion
Jyibacqtyi Moniranian Mountain Range Lost country.png Hyildien 4343 68.4351 N, 82.1372 E Highest peak in the Moniranian Mountain Range.
Mont Rouge Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia 4297
Iisensteen (Ironstone) Høge Kant FLAGZYL.png Zylanda 4234 [1] highest point in Zylanda
Volcán de Guerra volcanic isolate Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere 4161 22.829 S, 121.104 E Classified as "dormant" not extinct but last eruption was at least 1000 years ago
Ođēgjąląk Ăp Ojąląk-ħ'Ūdenārątŷ Lost country.png Ūdzđąnąrąt c4150 -34.1392 S, 76.5300 E Glaciated
Mt. Raiyouner Romborkan NationalFlagRGNK.png Rogolnika 4056 15.6943 S, 147.4594 E highest mountain in Rogolnika
Loevdbacqtyi Moniranian Mountain Range Lost country.png Hyildien 4011 68.4351 N, 82.1372 E
Raadavarli Taamras Karolia flag.png Karolia 4000+ 19.8416 S, 138.6212 E
Monte Charlotta Sierra Grande Latflag.png Latina 3855 12.2799 S, 45.8808 E
Two Oceans Peak Guntram Mountains FLAGMECY.png Mecyna 3847 25.3824 S, 145.7424 E
Mt. Gilleream Tolagmatoun NationalFlagRGNK.png Rogolnika 3765 15.1614 S, 147.7869 E
Konnevai Volcano none OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu 3629 17.0826 N, 73.2307 E Active shield volcano, maximum elevation may vary with eruptions
Mount Edohanesse Edohanesse Valley FlagBelphenia.png Belphenia 3593 34.2589 N, 138.4793 E Active volcano, Highest point in Belphenia
Y Mynydd Coch (The Red Mountain) Y Mynyddoedd Mawr Tircambry-national-flag.png Tircambry 3446 58.2798 N, 55.5748 E highest mountain in Tircambry
Wodnsteen Høje Heugls FLAGZYL.png Zylanda 3433 13.6709 S, 122.3546 E highest mountain in Zylanda out of Høge Kant
Mt. Titan West Mammoth Range Randalia Flag.png Randalia 3430 -33.84264 S, 157.13738 E highest mountain in Randalia
Mt. Kramer East Mammoth Range Randalia Flag.png Randalia 3285 -32.7590 S,158.9269 E
Mount Winterlyn Nakama Mountains FlagBelphenia.png Belphenia 3130 37.8510 N, 134.2758 E
Terkorr Miunit Saikyel flag.png Sãikyel 3015 40.6697 N, 126.8287 E Highest peak in Sãikyel, split between Sãikyel and Supernia
Vârful Basarabeanu Munții Vâlceni Flag of Antharia.png Antharia 2984 Highest mountain in Antharia
Trišpica Micheny Litvenska Flaga.jpg Litvania 2746 highest mountain in Litvania
Velký Razník Razníky Drabantia flag.png Drabantia 1562 54.4827 N, 92.1798 E highest mountain in Drabantia
Floristop none Luciano Flag DFS.png Drull 1189 13.9677 S, 151.2840 E highest mountain in the Drull Free State
Khaiwoon Hill none Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon 1024 18.4640 N, 89.4457 E highest mountain in Khaiwoon
Gaulle Hill none Erzaleria flag.png Erzaleria 105 19.922 N, 99.9995 E highest point in Erzaleria
Oln Jørpn none FLAGJISL.png Jørpenilands 61 1.1568 N, 90.8848 E highest point in Jørpenilands