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A Kingdom is a form of government and a type of monarchy. The following countries are kingdoms:

  • Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia (Federated constitutional monarchy)
  • FlagBelphenia.png Belphenia (theocracy)
  • Castilea Archantea.svg Castilea Archantea (constitutional monarchy).
  • Darcodia Flag.png Darcodia (constitutional monarchy)
  • Dustmark Flag.png Dustmark (Unitary parliamentary elective constitutional monarchy)
  • Esheinflag.png Eshein (constitutional monarchy)
  • Lost country.png Inara (Unitary parliamentary constitutional diarchy)
  • Ingerland-flag.png Ingerland (Federal parliamentary monarchy)
  • Siran Flag.png Lossira (Bicameral parliamentary constitutional monarchy)
  • MauretiaFlag.svg Mauretia (a type of parliamentary constitutional monarchy)
  • Meridonia flag.png Meridonia (constitutional principality)
  • Neberlian Flag.jpg Neberly (constitutional monarchy)
  • OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu (constitutional monarchy, monarch has ceremonial duties only)
  • Flag of pasundan-padjadjaran.jpeg Pasundan-Padjadjaran (confederation of 2 kingdoms)
  • Flsg.jpg Pretany (federal monarchy)
  • Scandmark-flag.png Scandmark (Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy)
  • Tircambry-national-flag.png Tircambry (federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy)
  • Wesmandy-national-flag.png Wesmandy (parliamentary constitutional monarchy)
  • Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia (constitutional monarchy)

Global Empires

The following lists the former global empires:

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