List of mines in New Ingerland

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This is a list of mines in New Ingerland. Also included are the coordinates, type of workings, and the primary and (if applicable) secondary commodities mined there. The list contains tbd mines, both surface and underground. Defunct mines are marked thus:     

Name Location Coordinates Primary commodities Secondary commodities Workings
Bear Hill Mine Bear Hill, CENT OGFmapicon.png 49.90027 S, 143.28609 W Gold - Alluvial
Elsmore Mine Elsmore, DEVX OGFmapicon.png 50.2963 S, 143.7079 W Tin Bismuth, Tungstun Open cut
Layton Mine Layton, BEAU OGFmapicon.png 49.5452 S, 143.2059 W Coal - Shaft, Adit
Silverton Mine Silverton, CENT OGFmapicon.png 50.1237 S, 142.8371 W Gold Antimony Shaft
Stanhill Mine Stanhill, CENT OGFmapicon.png 50.1072 S, 142.8328 W Antimony Gold Shaft

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