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There are a significant number of monarchies around the OGF-world. These monarchies can vary from a constitutional monarchy, absolute monarchy or a combination of few or several kingdoms that make up a single monarchy.

The following countries are examples of different forms of monarchies:

Constitutional monarchies

Constitutional monarchies are monarchies, where powers of the monarch are limited by a constitution. Likewise, parliamentary monarchies where monarch is the head of state and only has ceremonial powers, while a prime minister is the head of the government are also listed here.

Absolute monarchies

In absolute monarchies, the monarch holds absolute control over the state; parliaments are non-existent or hold only symbolic powers.


Theocracies are states where the head of state is selected by some form of religious hierarchy based on a state religion.


Hybrid monarchies - several monarchs co-ruling together in one nation; dual monarchies(two nations ruled by a monarch)

Unspecified monarchies

  • Flag3.jpg Auleus - confederation of states some of which are monarchies
  • MauretiaFlag.svg Mauretia - often considered a parliamentary constitutional monarchy; the monarch holds executive power in an otherwise republican system

Theological Unitary Constitutional Monarchy - one or some monarchs co-ruling in one nation or in a federation. Typically, they have 1/4 the power of the country. They run religiously.

Internal governance

Federations, etc

Federal constitutional monarchies that are composed of federation of states, headed by a monarch as the head of state

Unitary states

Unitary constitutional monarchies are a unitary state ruled by a monarch

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