List of publishers

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  • Bolzer -- Stanncatt in Mergany Flag.png Mergany -- sports magazine
  • Edition Inteligible -- Cordoba-Alvor in Latflag.png Latina -- classical textes, populaire science, school books
  • Editura Patria -- Vâlcești, Flag of Antharia.png Antharia -- Antharian publishing house with a tradition in editing works of Antharian literature
  • Folio Hisperko VortFabrikon -- Etatono in Nat flag ullanne.jpg Ullanyé -- a medium-size publisher of contemporary international fiction.
  • Libonetti -- Fortuna in Ispelia flag.png Ispelia , classical and contemporary novels; political and historical essays. Biggest bookshop network in the country.
  • Mapas Geriotex -- Latina (Cidudad) 16 in Latflag.png Latina -- maps worldwide, famous serie of town maps 1:10 000
  • Newstalls Books Ltd -- Starkadder [map] in Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia -- publishes mass market fiction and non-fiction, literature and textbooks
  • Santori Editore -- Torre in Ispelia flag.png Ispelia . University and school textbooks. Scientific publications.
  • Tarrigo -- Verena in Vartasimalia flag.png Vartasimalia. Country's main publisher for literature.
  • TreKult VortFabrikon -- Etatono in Nat flag ullanne.jpg Ullanyé -- a small-size publisher specialising in modern Antarephian fiction.
  • Istivan Medya-- in Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon. Media conglomerate, publishing popular fiction, classical novels and newspapers.