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List of Metro Networks

General Information

"Metro" in this sense means only heavy rail systems for urban traffic (Metro, Subway, U-Bahn and so on), fully separated from vehicle traffic. These systems run in tunnels, on viaducts or on separate rails like railway systems. For streetcar networks, urban/interurban light railways, and other street level systems, see the second list below.

Both lists are alphabetized by city name.

  • City: City or Town
  • Country: Country of that town
  • Lines: number of lines
  • opened: opening of the first line
  • Map: link to system map, if available
  • Tracks (2): Length of double track (in km)
  • Tracks (1): Length of single track (in km)
  • Ridership : the daily ridership at the system
  • Short Notes: General remarks


City Country Lines Stations Opened Map double Tracks in km single Tracks in km Trips per day Short Notes
Aaby FLAGZYL.png Zylanda 1 21 2018 Zylaabytram.jpg 23.0 0 A second line with a length of 25 km is in construction
Antigo City Rusky.jpg Antigo 2 37 1982 0 500,000 Two stations are not in operation.
Ataraxia City Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia 6 1912 132.0 0 Ataraxia City's transit system also includes AMTRAX-operated light rail, trolley buses and ferries, and a COFAX-operated RER system
Stanncatt Mergany Flag.png Mergany 1907 Tunnelbahn
Bărădin Flag of Antharia.png Antharia 2 1921 34.0 0 470,000 Metro in Bărădin
Belleville Drapeaubro.png Broceliande 4 73 1905 Réseaubel.png 0 775,000 Métro de Belleville
Trains have a 2.4m profile and are composed of 4 15m coaches.
Brindlecat City SobokoFlag.png Soboko 27 1873 (273 S.E.) Bctubemap413.jpg 1346.0 3,110,000 BCTransport
Unified fare system and transfers with Catham Transport and Meep City Rapid Transit.
Cordoba Latflag.png Latina 13 351 1912 Latmetrocor.png 519.4 2.5 See Cordoba Metro
Caerarthen Tircambry-national-flag.png Tircambry 4 72 1932 Caerarthen-metro-line-map.png
Du Bois Latflag.png Latina 4 75 1947 Latduboismet.png 66.0 0
Elegantia FLAGZYL.png Zylanda 6 145 1936 Zylelemetro.png 150.0 0
Erihents Scandmark-flag.png Scandmark 6 101 1925 Erihents-rail.png 100 km
(54 in tunnels, 43 on viaducts)
0 420,000 Metro system of Erihents consists of 4 trunk lines (6 routes). System is complemented by network of urban / suburban train lines (5 routes, 95 stations.
Éroÿ Lost country.png Castine 8 37 1913 TdE system map2.png 135,000 37-station aerial tram network: Téléphériques d'Agglomération Urbaine d'Éroÿ
Fenelec Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia 1 Fenelec's transit system also includes two light rail lines
Finist Slavonia-flag.png Slavonia 4 75 1960 Finist-Rail.jpg 63.0 Metro system of Finist consists of 4 lines and 75 stations. System is complemented by network of urban and suburban train lines(5 routes, 80 stations).
Frjálshöfn Nordurland Flag.png Norðurland 12 1967 FJL gesamt mit Stationen.png Five trunk routes in the city center, branching out to 12 lines in the suburbs. Three lines are currently constructed (two of them will form a new trunk route), two others are in the planning-phase
Gobras City GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya 7 Gobras-city-subway.png See Image:Gobras-city-subway.png
Huntington Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States 6 1921 Huntsubway.jpg 133 See Huntington Subway
Jaka Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo 4
Jundah Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States 2 39 1974 Jundah Light Rail Map.png 41.0 0 281,705 See Jundah Light Rail
Karixon Lost country.png Hyldia 5 1925 Karixon Metro.jpg Karixon Metro
Katsnelson Final design.png Commonia 2 1939 Katsnelson Metro.png Katsnelson Metro
Khaiwoon Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon 12 1907 Khaiwoon-metro.jpg 503.0 25.5 Khaiwoon's Metro system also includes streetcar lines, light rail and the City Hill Gondola.
Kirchenburg Flagwelsrijk.png Welstand-Westrijk 5 1942 Kirchenburg metro logo.png
Lake City Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States 11 149 1891 Lake City Transit v2.png 211.3 0.9 More information on the 'J'
Laneston/Vandover FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia 6 1957 VAULTFUTURE.jpg see VAULT
Lang Moen Scandmark-flag.png Scandmark 4 101 1965 Lang-Moen-Rail.jpg 97.0
(59.0 in tunnels)
0 Metro system of Lang Moen consists of 4 lines and 101 stations. System is complemented by network of urban / suburban train lines (5 routes, 107 stations) and LRT line (1 route, 48 stops).
Latina (Cidudad) Latflag.png Latina 17 1907 Latlatmet5.png 830.5 10.0 see Latina (Metro)
Léopoldville Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia 4 Léopoldville's transit system also includes trolley buses as well as two funicular lines in Bourg-St.-Marc
Linea Latflag.png Latina 3 55 1976 Latmetlinea.png 71.5 0 Streetcar-lines also present (see below)
Mendoza Latflag.png Latina 7 1927 Latmetmend.png 173.6 7.1 Parts of lines # 4, 5, 6 and 7 in construction
Nelyto City Lost country.png Yuris 4 1957 Nelyto Undergound Map.jpg Nelyto Underground
Nevensad Saikyel flag.png Sãikyel 11 1937 3,130,000 Nevensad Metro
Nikkeltown Mallyore Islands Republic 3 1994 Ogf-metro.jpg 92,000 Nikkeltown Metro
Nuevo Espiritu Lost country.png West Commonia 2 1953 Nuevo Espiritu metro diagram 1a.png 3rd line in planning. City also boasts an extensive tram network.
Oyonnax Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia 5 1919 Oyonnax Metro Simple.png Oyonnax's transit system also includes the Rive Gauche light-rail line
Pakuan Flag of pasundan-padjadjaran.jpeg Pasundan-Padjadjaran 4 73 Pakuanmrt.jpg 83.9
Panyingkiran Flag of pasundan-padjadjaran.jpeg Pasundan-Padjadjaran 2 33.7 Connecting The railway station-downtown Panyingkiran-The airport
Pasaliapolis Pasalia 2 1972 170,000 Capital Rapid Transit
Porto Colon Latflag.png Latina 13 1911 Latmetpc2.png 543.0 See Metro Porto Colon
Porto Real Florescenta-flag.png Florescenta 4 115 1925 Porto-Real-urban-rail-network.png 112.0 Metro system of Porto Real consists of 4 lines and 115 stations. It also reaches two largest neighboring towns Castelo Do Norte and Novo Castelo. Metro system is complemented by network of urban train lines (206 km, 115 stations) providing metro-like service in Porto Real and its vicinity.
Puerto Moreno Balam utz flag.png Balam-Utz 4 1990 MetroPMmap.png 1,540,000 Metro Puerto Moreno
Pyingshum Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo 21 1891 Papache network PSM.png - - 8,750,000 Heavy rail bound Public Transportation in Pyingshum includes the Metro (Chitakyoe Huwochē, "Chitachē") and the Express trains(Papáta Huwochē, "Papáchē"). They are operated by the same agency (Pyingshum Arang-Tōjitsu, "PAT", a subsidiary of Kojo Hyengshō Sanan). These networks account for ~ 2/3 of all trips in the city's public transportation network, while the other quarter is managed by either busses (also managed by PAT) or other minor instalments.
Quentinsburgh FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia 14 1930 QUARTAmap.jpg Quentinsburgh's metro system, QUARTA, also operates Quentinsburgh area bus routes, bus rapid transit and commuter rail lines. QUARTA runs mainly local service and is slowly initiating new express service. Most major routes will have express service by mid 2016.
Säntjana Karolia flag.png Karolia 6 1870 plus 1 grade-separated light rail line - see Säntjana Metro. Central 2km section is the oldest metro line in the world (although originally constructed as a cable-hauled railway).
Sãikyel City Saikyel flag.png Sãikyel 12 Sãikyel City Metro
Saguset Latflag.png Latina 5 1912 Latmetsaguset.png Lines ## 1, 2 and 3 in Saguset are elevated lines.
Sainðaul Izaland National Flag.svg Izaland 17 TBA 1921 200px 489,7 0 See Sainðaul Metro
Saviso Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo 8 1848 Operates as Capitaline. The Port Saviso line was the first railway in St Austell, opening in 1848. Saviso's railways were operated as St Austelline before being split off as Capitaline in 1984.
Stanleyville Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia 3 Stanleyville's transit system also includes 1 circular light-rail line that operates in its own right-of-way and partially underground.
Stanton Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States 25 1908 Stansubc.jpg 919.7 0 See Stanton Subway
Steingart Schwaldia-flag.png Schwaldia 5 105 1910 S und U-Bahnnetz mit Regionalbahn Steingart.png 97.0 0 Metro system of Steingart (U-Bahn) consists of 4 lines with 2 branches, 5 routes and 115 stations. System is complemented by network of urban and suburban train lines S-Bahn (6 routes, 107 stations).
Suursaari Eelannin lippu.png Eelanti 4 1935 Suursaaren metrokartta.png See Suursaari Metro
Tarott Kalm flag.svg Kalm 9 1901 Tarott ubahn network 2011.jpg 240.0 0 Tarott's metro (U-Bahn) system consists of a small profile network (cars are 2.54m wide; lines U1-U5) opened 1901 and a large profile network (cars are 2.90m wide; lines U6-U9) opened 1948 with the first section of U6. The newest line, U9, is a driverless line with platform screen doors at all stations.
Trevers ParoyFlag.png Paroy 8 1908 TreversSubwayCC2015.png Main article: Trevers Metro
The Trevers metro is operated by METRE, which also operates commuter rail, tramways, bus, city ferries and cable car in the metropolitan area.
Line 9 is currently under construction and is ready for operation in 2017.
Valoris Drapeaubro.png Broceliande 11 1912 0
Van Pelt Latflag.png Latina 3 32 2018 Latmetvanpelt.png 44.5 further lines are in construction
Vasireii Karolia flag.png Karolia 3 1967 First line opened in 1967, second line in stages between 1974-1977, third line 1996. A fourth is currently being proposed.
Vega VegaFlag.PNG Vega 9 Runs over three different cities (Ciudad de Vega, Sálvora and Liguria in Victoria region) - see Metro de Vega
Velin Slavonia-flag.png Slavonia 3 71 1955 Velin-Metro-Rail.png 72.0 0 Metro system of Velin consists of 3 lines and 71 stations. System is complemented by network of urban and suburban train lines(5 routes, 74 stations).
Vennburg Kalm flag.svg Kalm 3 1958 66.9 0 Metro cars are 2,90m wide. There is a light-rail line with tram-like sections within the south-east of the city, belonging to the network of the eastern neighboring city of Ubena.
Villa Constitución, DF Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere 13 1914 200px Capital metropolitan region includes multiple private subway, elevated, at-grade, commuter-rail, tram and light rail services all under RUTA-VC (federal coordination).
Villemarie Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia 2
Waltmore Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States 3 1922 Waltsubway.jpg 81 See Waltmore
Warwick Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States 13 Heavy Rail (+5 Light Rail) 234 1969 WTA MCS.png Under Calculation 0 1,880,000 See Warwick Transit Authority
Wembury Final design.png Commonia 10 119 2003 Wembury railway network & marked extensions.png 139.7
(in the metropolitan area and excluding sections/lines in construction)
0 600,000 31 new stations in construction; 5 line extensions and 1 new line. New stations are marked inside a gray dotted line.
(Interactive map)
Whangiora Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangēa 1860 Whangiora Suburban Rails.png Opened 1860 as part of the Trans-Aorangëan-Railway. Branded as Metro after opening of the City-Tunnel in 1927.
Winburgh Ingerland-flag.png Ingerland 8 1897 Winburgh-rail.png 243.0 0 Metro system of Winburgh consists of 8 lines with 3 branches(242 km), 10 routes and 220 stations. Metro system is complemented by network of city train lines (3 lines, 11 routes, 189 stations) providing metro-like service in Winburgh and its vicinity.
Wiwaxmouthe Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia 5 73 Wiwaxmouthe subway map.jpg 120.0 The Wiwaxmouthe City Subway system has 75 stations. See file:Wiwaxmouthe_subway_map.jpg

List of Other important Urban Rail Systems

This list is for urban rail transit systems that do not qualify as 'heavy rail,' such as streetcars, light rail, monorail and others. Note: Towns please in alphabetic order

  • City: City or Town
  • Country: Country of that town
  • Lines: number of heavy rail lines
  • Map: link to system map, if available
  • Tracks (2): Length of double track (in km)
  • Tracks (1): Length of single track (in km)
  • Power: Electrical system
  • Short Notes: General remarks
City Country Lines Stations Map double tracks in km single tracks in km Power Short Notes
Aaby FLAGZYL.png Zylanda 10 Zylaabytram.jpg 200 0 550 V DC overhead Greatest streetcar-net in Zylanda. Since 2018-01-23 one metro-line
Aerwinya Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States 10 Aerwinyatram.png 200 0 550 V DC overhead only streetcar-system in Oakhill
Begislav Slavonia-flag.png Slavonia 11 Begislav-tram.png 133
(1 in tunnels)
0 550 V DC overhead Modern tram network in Begislav and 2 adjacent towns
Belsante Latflag.png Latina 13 Lattrambelsante.png 150 0 550 V DC overhead 1.000 m spur
Domkarad NationalFlagRGNK.png Rogolnika 1 21 0 600 V DC overhead Runs diagonally across the city
Du Bois Latflag.png Latina 17 Lattramdubois.jpg 240 0 550 V DC overhead Tangent to Metro network, with 4 lines
Ergolanyum NationalFlagRGNK.png Rogolnika 2 (with 1 branch) 39 0 750 V DC overhead First modern LRT line in Rogolnika
Fawltryncham East Anglesbury flag.png East Anglesbury 10 FawltyrnchamTram.png 750 V DC overhead 1432 mm
Fiorentia Mergany Flag.png Mergany 0 750 V DC overhead
Gentofte Latflag.png Latina 15 Lattramgentofte.png 220 0 550 V DC overhead, System Sprague
Givullion Latflag.png Latina 14 Latgivtram.png 200 0 550 V DC overhead, System Sprague
Guntrum FLAGMECY.png Mecyna
Hagegart Scandmark-flag.png Scandmark 54 124 Hagegart-Urbanrail-Network.png 97 (37 in tunnels) 0 600 V DC Overhead LRT system in Hagegart and 4 adjacent towns & interurban railway transit (4 lines, 74 station, 125 km) in metro area
Jaka Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo 7
Leluwa OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu 2 68.4 0.8 Leluwa's urban rail serves 38 stations.
Linea Latflag.png Latina 10 Lattramlinea.jpg 100 0 550 V DC overhead, System Sprague 4 interurban-lines
Mar y Flora Latflag.png Latina 11 Lattrammyf.jpg 150 0 550 V DC overhead 1.000 m spur
Mars-Mons Metro Area Schwaldia-flag.png Schwaldia 16 352 MarsMonsGebiet-Railnet.jpg 297 (165 in tunnels) 0 600 V DC Overhead Stadtbahn system in 8 cities: Sassen, Adlerhorst, Doramund, Fernfurt, Vettelhofen, Schapental, Abenheim, Obersassen
Pasaliapolis Pasalia 1 18 0 750 V DC overhead Only tram in Pasalia
Pagelaran Flag of pasundan-padjadjaran.jpeg Pasundan-Padjadjaran 1 15.45 0 Network contains 20 stations
Redondo Latflag.png Latina 17 Lattramredondo.png 0 550 V DC overhead, System Sprague Possesses independent right of way
Samacja Karolia flag.png Karolia 2 (central loop with two branches) 25 11 750 V DC 3rd rail Built partly on the trackbed of an old industrial railway through the city
Scherbenz Schwaldia-flag.png Schwaldia 7 110 Scherbenz-Schienennetz.png 80 (38 in tunnels) 0 600 V DC Overhead LRT system in Scherbenz. There's also tram & part of S-Bahn network
Scippo Latflag.png Latina 16 Latscitram.png 0 550 V DC overhead, System Sprague Posesses independent right of way
Topahappan Latflag.png Latina 16 Lattremtopa.png 0 550 V DC overhead, System Sprague Posesses independent right of way
Van Pelt Latflag.png Latina 26 Latvptram.jpg 500 0 550 V DC overhead, System Sprague Largest streetcar-network in Latina
Vila Antonio Florescenta-flag.png Florescenta 5 lines (11 routes) 219 Va lrt.png 185 km (97 km in tunnels) 0 750 V DC Overhead "Trânsito ligero de Vila Antonio " LRT system in Vila Antonio and adjacent towns: Tavira, Almeida, Cadaval
Vremyn Latflag.png Latina 17 Lattrambrm.jpg 0 550 V DC overhead, System Sprague 1.435 m spur
Whangiora Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangēa 49 750 V DC overhead 1432 mm
Tarkenton/Ferngable (Jade Coast Metropolitan Area) Lost country.png Castine 13 253 Jade network map.png 460 km 0 750 V DC Overhead Wiki page forthcoming.
Worthing Ingerland-flag.png Ingerland 6 131 Worthing-tramlink.jpg 117 km (36 km in tunnels) 0 750 V DC Overhead "Worthing-Enslad Tramlink" LRT system includes 131 stations in Worthing and adjacent towns: Worthing, Enslad, Jasperham, Lendale, Fontwell, Newick