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This page lists all notable OGF television channels.


Channel Name Location Notes
4 TVB (TV Brasonia)
11 RBT (Rede Brasonia de Televisão)
13 RTST (Rede de Televisão do Sul da Taréfia)
  • [Baía Azul-OL]


The "Freedemian Four"

Freedemia has four large media groups and channels on over the air television, generally known as the "Freedemian Four". These channels include:


Eastern Prefectures

The channel list for Heching, Mittelland, Südmeer and the capital region.

Channel Abbreviation Name Location Notes
2 GLW Gleiches-Ländere Welle the national public television service
3 GLW Welt Gleiches-Ländere Welle: Weltkanal the world news channel for GLW
4 GLW Politik Gleiches-Ländere Welle: Politikkanal the politics news channel for GLW
5 GLW Cultur Gleiches-Ländere Welle: Culturkanal the culture and art channel for GLW
6 GLWM 平等之聲 the national public television service, in Meilanese
7 GLWM Welt 平等之聲世界頻道 the world news channel for GLW, in Meilanese
8 GLWM Politik 平等之聲政治頻道 the politics news channel for GLW, in Meilanese
9 GLWM Cultur 平等之聲文化頻道 the culture and art channel for GLW, in Meilanese
10 H10 Heching 10 Public TV Channel of Heching Prefecture, in Gaerman
11 H11 合晴11頻道 Public TV Channel of Heching Prefecture, in Meilanese
12 M12 Musik 12
13 KP Kaoshäisher Philharmoniker


Main article: List of television stations in Paroy

Paroy offers over 100 national channels through cable, with nearly a thousand other channels available over satellite and internet. Besides national, there are also many international, continental, regional and local television channels.

Ingerish public

Paroyan Television and Radio Company (PTR)

PTR 1PTR 2PTR 3PTR CulturePTR KidsPTR Sport 1PTR Sport 2EDUca

Ingerish commercial

Five Networks

FiveHigh FiveChameleonSeventh Avenue524FNSCFNSC 2


NetMax 1NetMax 2ShowTVTheBubbleCross TV

Other networks

The Amber Network910TV

Franquese public

Paroyan Television and Radio Company (PTR)

PTR 1 FranquePTR 2 FranqueTéléGaminPTR Sport

Franquese commercial




Pasalia National Broadcasting Host Network of

  • PNB-ONE,News, (Conservative)

News and Infotainment, Est.1952

  • SH60,News (Liberal)

News and Infotainment, Est.1972

  • TV HARDA, Entertainment (Ingerish)

Conservative, Entertainment, Movies in Ingerish

  • PSA ,Civil Defense Announcements

Est.1953, Originally used for Pasalia only, Now used for health psa's and storm warnings throughout southern Antarephia, Funded to 1/3 each by KP Government, PNB Inc. and Assembly of Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief



Randalia National Television (RNT)

  • RNTR, Channel 9, Roscovina

RETV (Educational)

  • RNUA, Channel 18, Arborvell


TV Randalia (TVR)

  • RGCL, Channel 4, Roscovina

Network 3 (Net-3)

  • RGNF, Channel 13, Roscovina

Omega TV (Family and Religious Programming)

  • RKOM, Channel 22, Arborvell