Litvenské železnice

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Litvenské železnice
New Logo since 2010
Native nameLitvanian Railways
Area servedLitvania
Transit typeRailway
HeadquartersStredmestie, Loravia
Began operation1976
CharacterHeavy rail, both intercity and regional
Train length2-8 carriages
First departureLoravia-Molburg
Track gauge1, 435mm standard gauge
Electrification15kV 16, 67Hz Overhead cables
Average speed150km/h
Top speed200km/h

Litvanian Railways (Litvenské železnice, commonly reffered to as LŽ; and stylized as "lž") is the main railway company in Litvania. It is a government institution which was founded in 1932, after an act of standardization of railway transport in the country.

The company is headquartered in Loravia, and operates all of the railway tracks on Litvanian land.


Before the company was establishes in 1932, several private companies operated railroads in different regions. All the economic and political interests of each company led to some lines being paralell and thus some of the companies going bankrupt in the resulting competition. In 1931, a referendum was carried out by the government which proposed the idea of standardized railway transport across the country. The referendum recieved overwhelmingly positive feedback, and so in 31st December 1931, the first train ran on behalf of the newly formed company, from Loravia to Molburg via Jankovar and Kolin.

The following companies were nationalised as a result of the referendum:

  • Severná dráha
  • Pomorská železničná spoločnosť
  • Loravsko-Molíborská dráha
  • Východná spoločnosť železničnej dopravy

Follwoing the nationalisation, the company greatly improved and simplified train travel across the country by building new railroads, and most importantly descreasing commuting time between cities. In 1985 the company introduced the regular departures between larger cities in the country, which meant trains leaving for certain destinations every 60 minutes. In 2000, LŽ made the first international connection between Loravia and Odrava, and has since expanded to Konkordia, Janov, and Žitava, and certain towns along the way.

In 2012 it launched it's mobile app; LŽ Mobile, which allowed passangers to search for trains, buy tickets and create personal routes.

As of 2017, there is a plan to establish (or possibly build) a high-speed railway between Loravia and Odrava, which would allow passangers to travel between the cities in under 3 hours.


Train Services

LŽ has the following services to offer to passangers:

  • RE: Regionalný vlak - stops at all stations.
  • IR: InterRegio - This train will travel across multiple regions, for exmaple from Kolin, to Molburg, to Nové mesto n/Br., to Freské, but only stop at major stations and towns.
  • IC: LŽ InterCity - Stops at major cities.
  • ICE: LŽ Intercity Express - Goes from one city to another, greatly reducing commuting time for passangers.
  • ICEN: LŽ InterCity Night Express - IC but at night, and also uses special couchettes in trains.
  • ExtraVlak: ExtraVlak - Trains used when heavy rail traffic is expected on a route.

International Extensions

Currently, LŽ offers international IC services to Odrava, Žitava, Janov, Konkordia, and Bajakovo. Trains to these destinations depart every 3 hours from major cities' stations. Night routes are run using ICEN trains.

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