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Native speakers<50,000 (as of 2000)
Language familyUdenarrat
Early formsunknown
  • Lkąrăk
Writing systemThirteenth Udil alphabet
Nunufanu alphabet
modified Romantian alphabet
Official status
Official language inTapi Ra.png Tąpi Rā

Lkąrăk (Lakarak) is a language spoken on the Oceanic Island of Ūdzđąnąrąt (Udenarrat). It is distantly related to the Utz language and shares some linguistic elements with Manjaal.

Until 1948 the language Lkąrăkānd (Lakarakand) spoken on the island of Tąpi Rā off the coast of Latina was thought to be a language isolate. In that year, studies by J.P.Goh at Arksbury International University revealed close similarities between Lakarakand and the Lakarak language. Archival material from the ethnographer Margaret Freed was passed to AIU, which clarified these links. Lakarakand has since been found to be a dialect, or archaic form, of Lakarak which survived in isolation in a population of former islanders who left Ūdzđąnąrąt between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. This linguistic link established beyond reasonable doubt that the people of Tąpi Rā are descended from Asperic Ocean islanders rather than Tarephians.

Lakarak itself is now thought to be spoken only in two villages in the mountainous centre of the island of Ūdzđąnąrąt.