Lola-Fort Nickerson Regional Airport

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Z13, -33.4632 °S, 141.0303 °E
Lola-Fort Nickerson Regional Airport

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Basic information
Country Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States
City Lola, Sierra
Began operation 1939
Time zone +9
Elevation AMSL 1200 m
Direction Length
14/32 2760 m
Number Length
Highways TBD
Metro lines TBD

Lola-Fort Nickerson Regional Airport (WAAT: LON, ANACA: BALN) is a small airport in the greater Lola area in Meseta County, Sierra (Federal States). It is located in the populated area of Fort Nickerson, adjacent to the F.S. Army base. The airport was built in 1939 as Lola Airport and shortly after renamed to Governor David E. Connelly Airport. Its present name was acquired in 1972. The airport serves as a commercial/public airport for charter and regional air and small private planes; a flight school also uses the airport. Part of the airport grounds along with the runway are used as the Army Airfield for Fort Nickerson, for cargo aircraft and helicopters.


Lola Airport opened in 1939 and was built to serve cropdusters, as well as amateur pilots in the area. The airport was named after then-governor David E. Connelly shortly afterward, who was born in Lola. The Lola Pilots' School was opened in 1956.

The airport runway was expanded in 1970 from 2100m with the hopes of receiving some level of regular jetplane service. In 1973 the army leased a portion of the airport to replace their old airfield within the base.


The Governor David E. Connelly Terminal was built and named in 1973 during the modernization of the airport.

The Lola Pilots' School has a building/school, several hangars and some small aircraft.

Army facilities at the airport are located on the airport property, as well as within the base itself. These are off limits to the general public.

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