Lonowai District

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Z7, 14.355 °N, 83.727 °E
Lonowai District
Flag of Lonowai

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District in the Republic of Gobrassanya
Largest city Ōbaku
' GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya
Area 4211 km2
Website www.lonowai.gov.go
Lonowai District is one of the 17 districts of the Republic of Gobrassanya. It consists of the Lonowai Islands, approximately 600 kilometers south of mainland Gobrassanya. The largest city is Ōbaku, followed by Ūhola also known as Redbeard's Harbor. Due to Lonowai's position at around 14 degrees north latitude, the islands are heavily forested with mostly deciduous island trees and some evergreens and weather conditions are normally very humid most of the year. There is a pronounced dry season that occurs through the winter months (October through March) which are the best months to visit, with a significant monsoon season which can see very heavy rainfall, up to 106 inches per year.


Lonowai has 4 main islands and several minor islands, also there are numerous islets located near the main islands. The largest of the main islands is Lonowai Island, followed in size by Ohimeno, U'kot'sa (Jyūkotsa), with the smallest of the main islands, which is Bohini. Even though Bohini is smaller than some of the other islands in Lonowai, it is considered a main island due to its distance from the other main islands, it has its own airport and government center, its prominence as a tourist destination, and that it is further away from other islands in Lonowai.

Several smaller islands and islets are located in close proximity to these main islands, the most prominent islands include Kai'ma Island near Ohimeno, and the At'aleu Keys, an island chain off the eastern tip of Lonowai Island.

For a complete list of islands see List of Islands in Lonowai


The seat of government in the Lonowai District is located at the district capitol building in Ōbaku.

Administrative Divisions

County Name County Seat Population Note
Bohini Papuono named after the principle island
Bolcáne'a Bolcáne'a Village meaning: volcano
Motu'u Havanonu meaning: islands
Ōbaku Ōbaku named after the capital city/county seat
Ohimeno Ohimeno named after the principle island
Paāla Ūhola meaning: north
U'kot'sa Cēgrakang named after the principle island


The Lonowai Islands are situated in a tropical monsoon climate with temperatures ranging from 46F to 76F for lows depending upon the time of year and 62F to 93F for highs. The summer months and the start of monsoon season are typically the hottest months. The highest temperature recorded in the islands was 99F in Ūhola. The lowest temperature recorded was 39F which was recorded in 1971. Temperatures are usually only slightly cooler during the winter months and no recorded freezing temperatures have ever occurred in Lonowai.

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