Los Reyes

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12, -28.1518, 139.0612
Los Reyes, Tempache
Logo for the city of Los Reyes.
CountryFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
 • StateTempache flag.png Tempache
 • CountyMariposa County
DemonymLos Reyesian
 • Mayor
 • Estimate (2019)819,274
Telephone Code861, 868, 869

Los Reyes is a city in Tempache, Federal States. It is the largest city in Tempache, with 819,274 inhabitants as of 2019 estimates.

Los Reyes is the largest city in the Los Reyes metropolitan area, also known as the Kibsy River Bay. The metro area has over 3 million people as of 2019. Los Reyes is the seat of Mariposa County. Los Reyes is one of the fastest growing cities in the Federal States. The city is known for its warm year-round climate, extensive beaches, and its recent emergence as a technology and business development center.


Los Reyes was among the first permanent settlements in the Kibsy River Bay. It was a smaller city up until the mid 1940s, when population growth rates began to increase. Most of the city's urban growth happened in the 1960s, making Los Reyes one of the newest large cities in the Federal States. It was originally named Los Reyes de Castellán, but the name was shortened in 1942.


Los Reyes is located in the Kibsy River Valley, where it meets the Asperic Ocean. The Los Reyes South Mountains run along the southwestern metro area.


Under the Köppen climate classification, Los Reyes has a semi-arid climate (BSh).




Los Reyes has three Federal Routes, FS 99, FS 90, and FS 91. State Route 55 is a major freeway state route through the center of the metro area. Los Reyes also has a number of auxillary routes including FS-591, FS-690 (LR Loop), FS-490 (Benavides Highway), FS-399, FS-391, SR 60, and SR 17.

Other Major Routes


City Roads

Major roads in the city are in a grid pattern in 1 mile by 1 mile blocks. The naming of these roads contains a direction, and how many miles from the intersection of Hayden Road (SR 61) and Gibson Road (SR 77).

Public Transport

Los Reyes has a light rail and Bus transport system.


Los Reyes is home to Los Reyes Valdez International Airport, or LRV. The airport is located only 3.5 miles from the city center. Smaller airports, such as San Pablo Hershberger and Costa Mesa also serve the area.

Metropolitan Area

Los Reyes is the principal city in the Los Reyes-Lucas Metropolitan Area.


Lucas is the second largest city in the area with around 198,000 inhabitants.

San Pablo

San Pablo is in the southwestern portion of the metro area and is the capital of Tempache.