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Map of Los Valles County within Sierra.png

Los Valles County is a county in the F.S. state of Sierra. Located in northern Sierra, it has an area of 2608.68 km² and a population of 51,200. Los Valles County was established in 1976, split off from Cusatia County.


Los Valles County was created and split off from Cusatia County under Governor Ron Adams in 1976. It is the newest county in Sierra. In 1980 the county limit was moved 1.3 km to the north, in order to include the entirety of the town of Clinton within the county.


Timona is the county seat of Los Valles County. Other settlements include:

  • Clinton (town)
  • Burton
  • Natrinia
  • Hardy


The S-19 is the major route crossing the county (north to south). Cusatia County set up six original county roads, and numbering when feasible was kept concurrent with Cusatia County roads. CR 7 was created in 1989.

Route Length
LV CR 1.svg S-19 - Timona - Cusatia Co. limit 27.5 km
LV CR 2.svg S-19 - Timona - Burton - Zusi Co. limit 34.1 km
LV CR 3.svg CR 1 (Timona) - CR 2 - Hardy - Cusatia Co. limit 38.4 km
LV CR 4.svg CR 2 - I-10x (Natrinia) 29.6 km
LV CR 5.svg S-21 (Clinton) - CR 2 (Burton) 21.5 km
LV CR 6.svg CR 3 (Hardy) - Meseta County limit 9.6 km
LV CR 7.svg Cont. I-10x - CR 6 25.2 km
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