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Achtung.svg This is a lost country (or other lost place) that no longer exists in OpenGeofiction.

In some cases, articles about lost countries or other lost places may be preserved as a record of someone's creative efforts long ago, but these articles have no bearing on the OpenGeofiction world. DO NOT use the information in these articles in developing histories. These countries are no longer "canon", which means that not only do they no longer exist, but they never existed in OGF history.

10, -31.2292, 53.2590
Luivelandse Republiek op Revel en de Vijmoren
Largest cityKasse
Official languagesRevelish (Dutch)
 • PresidentArve Lierener
CurrencyLuivish Boch (LVB, $)

Luiveland (/lœyvəlɑnt/), officially Luivelandse Republiek op Revel en de Vijmoren (Luivelandish Republic on Revel and the Vijmores), is a country on the island of Revel in Antarephia. The capital is Kasse, located in the southeast of the country. Luiveland is a very poor country, suffering under the consequences of a civil war: the Luiveland war. The status quo is that is northern part of the country is in control of rebel groups.