Lycene League

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Lycene League
Alternate Name(s):
''Powered by ideas, connected by water''
Intercontinental Union with Headquarters in Flag of Tigeria.png Tigeria
Address 1 Plaza of the Tarephias
Hexagonia City, CÎ

The Lycene League is a political union of Tarephian and Antarephian member states on the Strait of Lyc. The LLE aims to foster stronger ties between these nations and develop a cohesive region through academic and business ties, sociopolitical stability, cultural heritage, environmental affairs, and sustainable urban growth.


The mission of the Lycene League is to "establish and reinforce the network of political, cultural, and economic ties between the member states of the Straits of Lyc through policy, academia, and advocacy." To that end, the League has set before it a number of standard goals for each of its member states:

  • Develop a seaport within your member state or have access to neighboring member state's seaport; The seaport should have good connections to other regions within the member state
  • Establish shipping lanes to at least three other member states
  • Establish efficient rail and road networks to neighboring member states
  • Identify the financial center of your member state and establish a stock exchange there
  • Establish a university within your member state
  • Establish a national museum within your member state
  • Establish a nature reserve or a marine reserve within your member state
  • Develop diplomatic ties to at least three other member states