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12, 27.0094, 122.9233
 • RegionPikaia County
Location of Lydgate in Wiwaxia
Location of Lydgate in Wiwaxia
Ethnic Groups
Wiwaxians (92%), Other (8%)
NationalitiesWiwaxians (94%), Ataraxians (3%), Djadjaranics (2%), Other (1%)
 • MayorAlice Pilcher
 • Estimate (2014)1,347,900
 • Density2,736/km2

Lydgate is the second largest city in Wiwaxia, with a metro area of 1.3 million. Located in Lydgate Bay in County Pikaia, it is the primary port for Wiwaxia.

Lydgate Metropolitan Area


The natural harbor that is Lydgate Bay was first used by Skandmark pirates in the early 1500s as a stopping point before continuing on to Padjadjaran. A cache of copper coins from Skandmark was discovered at the current site of Lydgate Marina; the coins are now in the Lydgate Historical Society, located off of Storyville Square in the Newtown neighborhood.

Places of Interest

Lydgate Cathedral is among Wiwaxia's largest, second only to Constance-Reid. Also of interest in the heart of the old town is Lydgate Fortress, built by the Ingerish in 1648 shortly after they purchased Wiwaxia from Kalm. Significant buildings include the Lydgate Merchant's Bank, from 1701, among the oldest in Wiwaxia; and Mawmsey Priory. Among the more interesting neighborhoods is Bayard Parish, the site of Lydgate's original seaport, is full of interesting buildings, including the old Ferry Terminal. The historic St. Celia Bayard church, c. 1790, was built by donations from sailors over a 40-year period.


Casaubon College, founded in 1789, is located in the old town of Lydgate. It is the third oldest institution of higher education in Wiwaxia. The neighborhood of Casaubon takes its name from the college. Beachwood University, founded in 1937, is one of Wiwaxia's largest institutions of higher education.

St. Rosine School for Girls is one of the most historic schools in Wiwaxia, built in 1732 and sponsored by Princess Rosine, the third daughter of Queen Eglantine I.


Tertius Field is home to Lydgate PFC football club.


The Lydgate Metro subway system consists of four lines with 52 stations. The subway also connects at the University terminus with the Beachwood tram line.

Lydgate Subway map

Lydgate is served by the Fanshawe-Lydgate Expressway W401 and Lydgate-Wiwax Freeway W321 highways. Trains at Mawmsey Station go to and from Wiwaxmouthe, Constance-Laird, Willmore, Tilney and Tilneyport, as well as all points in between and connecting trains going further west, east and north. Lydgate Mary Garth International Airport flies to all of Wiwaxia's cities, plus a range of international destinations.

Sibling Cities

Lydgate has several sibling cities, as per the guidelines of Sibling Cities of the World: