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9, -48.4861, 69.0869
Lydian Democratic Confederation
Лидијан Демократик Конфедерашен (Arcadian)
Лидийская Демократическая Конфедерация (Russian)
Democratische Confederatie van Lydia (Dutch)
Конфедератсияи Демократии Лидия (Farsi)
Providence (legislative)
Anselm executive
Cherepovets (judicial)
Largest cityProvidence
Official languagesIngerish, Arcadian, Dutch, Russian, Farsi
 • Regional languagesSpanish, French, German, Serbian, Croatian, Romanian
GovernmentLibertarian socialist federated semi-direct democracy
 • Co-Presidents
Louise Olney
Felix van Braam
 • Co-Chairs
Dmitriy Nekrasov
Claire Acosta
LegislatureLydian Democratic Council
 • Estimate7,274,951
HDI (2020)Increase 0.828
very high
CurrencyLydian dinar (LYD)

Lydia, officially the Lydian Democratic Confederation, is a country in eastern Archanta. It is bordered by Calliesanyo to the west and Pasalia to the north. It is a small, densely populated country located along the western coast of the Asperic Ocean. The population of the country numbers around seven million. Its legislative seat is located in the northern city of Providence, with its executive and judicial seats located in the cities of Anselm and Cherepovets, respectively. The contemporary Lydian Democratic Confederation was founded in the aftermath of the Lydian War of Unification on 10 August 2000 by the Providence Accords, which united the country.

Originally populated by a Farsi-speaking population which generally consisted of sustenance farmers, large migrations of Gaermanic, Slevic, and Romantish speakers from Uletha, Tarephia, Archanta, and other parts of Antarephia began to occur around 1800 following the discovery of large, valuable mineral deposits in the territory. Eight small, sovereign city-states were founded in order to attempt to establish control over resources present in the country, which eventually became the eight cantons of the Lydian Democratic Confederation. The region fell into a prolonged period of conflict beginning in 1991 following the invasion of the Republic of Arcadia by the State of Zuidelijk Vlaktes in the aftermath of the overthrow of the Arcadian president Charles Griyn by the Arcadian armed forces. A socialist uprising in 1993 began in the cities of Deira, Beverwijk, Providence, and Cherepovets that quickly spread to the rest of the country, which sparked the seven-year Lydian War of Unification between the Lydian Democratic Forces, whose aim was to unite the Lydian city-states under a socialist government, and the governments of Zuidelijke Vlaktes, Anselm, Kostroma, and Cherepovets. Following the fall of Almere, the capital of Zuidelijke Vlaktes, to LDF forces in May 2000, the Treaty of Port St. Claire was signed on 4 August 2000 in the Republic of the Occidentic Islands capital of Port St. Claire, which ended the war. Around a week later, the Providence Accords were signed in Providence, which founded the Lydian Democratic Confederation and organized it into eight self-governing cantons that would replace the previous network of city-states within the territory.