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Metropolitan Trevers Transit Authority
IndustryPublic passenger transport
PredecessorTrevers Department of Transport and Mobility
HeadquartersTrevers, Verona, Paroy
Area servedGreater Trevers
OwnerCity of Trevers
Number of employees618 (2016)

The Metropolitan Trevers Transit Authority, simply known as METRE, is a urban mass transit company serving the metropolitan area of Trevers.

The current name comes from the aggregation of Metro and Trevers. Previously, the company carried names including Trevers Tramway Company en Trevers City Transit Service. These names are still used sometimes, but are not shown anywhere in modern times. The company also used to fall under town hall, the Trevers Department of Transport and Mobility.

Currently METRE operates 8 subway lines, 11 tram lines and 8 ferry lines, alongside many buslines. In addition to public transport in the city of Trevers, METRE also serves surburbs as Greeley, Starford, Albertville, Prestonsburgh, Dalson and San Mateo. Some buslines are also operated until far outside the metropolis.


The transit company started back in 1908 as the Trevers Tramway Company and drove 9 tramlines across town. Many of them served the transport hub build at Unity Station. Later, Weston and Crystal City became more important for the city economy, 5 more tramlines extended the network in these suburbs. Buses were serving the most eastern part of the city.

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