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Maliorska nacionalna banka
HeadquartersNikkeltown, Mallyore
Area Served Mallyore
Key PeopleRonald Kraljić, Governor
 Marina Jakšić, C. economist
Number of employeesIncrease 1,657 (as of 2016)
Web Sitehttp://www.mnb.mi
Maliorska nacionalna banka (MNB, Ingerish: Mallyorian National Bank) is the central bank and money issuing authority of Mallyore. Its main responsibilities are maintaining the stability of the national currency, the Mallyorian dynar, and ensuring general financial liquidity within the country. MNB also issues banknotes and holds the national monetary reserves. In performing its duties MNB acts as an independent institution responsible to the Parliament. The bank has a share capital of 3,500,000,000 DYN. The bank was established on December 21, 1880.
Building of MNB in Nikkeltown, OGFmapicon.png map

The bank performs all the functions of a central bank. The most important of these is supposed to be maintaining price stability and supporting the economic policies of the Government of the MIR, thus promoting economic growth. MNB is not allowed to grant any loans to the Mallyorian Government.

Main goals of Mallyorian National Bank are:

  • identification and implementation of monetary and exchange rate policies
  • managing international reserves
  • issuance of banknotes and coins
  • overseeing the establishment, operation and termination of banks
  • regulation, improvement and control of payments
  • perform other tasks specified by law

Current bank governor is Ronald Kraljić and chief economist is Marina Jakšić.